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Title Type Key Chords MP3
250 To Vigo Reel D
Across the Road Slide D
Across the Western Ocean Song D Yes YouTube MP3
After The Battle Of Aughrim Polka G Yes
After the Dance Ador
Ale is Dear, The Reel Bmin
All For Me Grog Song G Yes
All The Rage Jig E
Almost There Reel Bmin
Ambrose Moloney's Reel Reel G
Amelia's Waltz Waltz D Yes YouTube MP3
An Buachaill Dreoite Hornpipe Hornpipe G
An Buachaill Dreoite Jig Jig G
An Paistin Fionn Hornpipe Edor
Anderson's Reel D
Andre a Toto Reel G Yes
Andy De Jarlis Jig E
Anthony Frawley's Jig G
Apples in Winter Jig D Yes Bryce on Dulcimer
Appropriate Dipstick, The Reel D
Arkansas Traveler
Arran Boat Jig D Bryce on Dulcimer
Ash Grove, The Song G
Ashokan Farewell Waltz
Atholl Highlanders Jig A Bryce on Dulcimer
Aughacashel, The Reel G
Back Road to Enumclaw, The D
Bag of Spuds, The Reel Ador
Ballinafad Polka Polka G
Ballintore Fancy, The Reel G
Ballydesmond No 1 Polka G Yes Bryce on Dulcimer
Ballydesmond No 2 Polka G Yes Bryce on Dulcimer
Ballydesmond No 3 Polka G Bryce on Dulcimer
Baltimore Salute, The Reel G
Banish Misfortune Jig G Yes Bryce on Dulcimer
Bank of Ireland, The Reel D
Banks of Lough Gowna Jig Em
Banshee, The Reel G
Barren Rocks of Aden, The Polka D
Battering Ram, The Jig D
Battle of the Somme, The Slip Jig D
Beara Minstrel, The Reel D
Beare Island Reel, The Reel Edor
Bedlam Boys Song D Yes Bryce on Dulcimer
Behind the Haystack Jig D Bryce on Dulcimer
Belle Catherine, La Reel A Yes
Bennachie Sunrise Reel A Yes Bryce on Dulcimer
Bill Harte's Reel Reel G
Bill Hartes Jig Dmix
Bill Malley's Barndance G Yes
Bill McEvoy's Reel Gmix
Bill Spence's Hing Hornpipe G
Bill Sullivan Polka Polka A Bryce on Dulcimer
Bird in the Bush Reel G
Black Rogue, The Jig Amix
Black Velvet Band D
Blackberry Blossoms
Blackberry Festival Footrace Jig Dm^c Yes
Blackbird Hornpipe D
Blackthorn Stick, The Jig A
Blarney Pilgrim, The Jig D Yes Bryce on Dulcimer
Bloom of Youth, The Reel G
Bobby Casey's Hornpipe Hornpipe D
Boc Liath Nan Gobhar (The Further The Deeper) Jig Ador
Bonnie Anne Reel G
Bonnie Dundee Jig G Yes
Bonnie Kate Reel D
Bonnie Ship the Diamond Song C Yes
Boreraig Osprey, The Polka G
Bothar Na Sop Reel G
Bow-Legged Bosun, The Reel A Yes
Boyne Hunt Reel D
Boys from the County Cork Song D
Boys Of Ballisodare Reel G
Boys of Blue Hill Hornpipe D Yes YouTube MP3
Boys of Malin Reel D
Boys of the Lough, The Reel D
Brenda Stubbert's Reel Ador
Brian Boru's March March D Yes YouTube MP3
Brian O Lynn Jig
Britches Full of Stitches Polka D Bryce on Dulcimer
Broad Black Brimmer Song D
Broken Pledge, The Reel Ddor
Brosna Slide, The (Lonesome Road to Dingle) Slide G
Brown Coffin, The Hornpipe Emin
Bucks of Oranmore, The Reel D
Bulgarian Red Reel Amin
Bunch of Green Rushes, The Reel Dmix
Bundle and Go Jig G
Bunker Hill Reel Dmix
Burnt Old Man Jig G
Bus Stop Reel Reel Am Yes
Butterfly, The Slip Jig D Yes Bryce on Dulcimer
Cabin Hunter, The Reel Edor
Cailleach Beinn a Bhric (An T'Seann Cailleach?) Reel Ador
Caislean Na nOr Hornpipe Gdor
Calliope House Jig D Bryce on Dulcimer
Cam Ye Oer Frae France ThreeTwo D Bryce on Dulcimer
Cameronian, The Reel D
Campbell River Jig Jig
Campbell's Farewell to Redcastle Reel D Yes
Caribou Reel Reel D Yes
Carnival Reel, The (?) D
Castle Kelly Reel G Yes Bryce on Dulcimer
Catharsis Reel G Yes
Cats Meow Jig D
Cavers of Kirkcudbright Jig Dm Yes
ChaIr of Idris Waltz
Chanter's Song, The Polka G
Charlie Harris Polka
Charlie Hunter Jig D Yes YouTube MP3
Chattering Magpie, The Reel G
Cherry Tree
Chicago Reel Reel G
Chief O'Neils Hornpipe D
Christmas Eve Reel G
Citi Na gCumann Waltz C Bryce on Dulcimer
Cliffs of Moher Jig Ador
Coilsfield House Strathspey G
Coleraine Jig C Yes YouTube MP3
College of Piping Summerside PEI (?)
Collier's Reel Reel Dmix
Comb Your Hair and Curl It Slip Jig D
Come Out, Ye Black and Tans Song C
Come West Along the Road Reel G
Con Cassidy's Jig G
Concertina Reel, The Reel A
Concertina, The Reel D
Confluence John Illingworth, The
Congress Reel Reel G Yes YouTube MP3
Connaughtman's Rambles, The Jig D Bryce on Dulcimer
Connie O'Connell's Jig Jig G
Contentment is Wealth Jig D
Contradiction, The Reel A
Cook in the Kitchen Jig G
Cooley's Reel Reel G Yes Bryce on Dulcimer
Cormac o Beaglaioch (?)
Corn Rigs Barndance D
Courtin in the Kitchen Song C
Crabs in the Skillet Jig G
Crested Hens Waltz D Yes
Cronin's Hornpipe G
Crooked Road, The Reel G
Cross of Inverness, The Reel G
Crosses of Annagh Reel G
Cullen House Jig F
Cup of Tea Reel D Yes
Curragh Races Reel Ador
Cutting Bracken Strathspey Amin
Dairy Maid Reel D
Daly's Mill Polka A
Dan Collin's Father's Jig D
Dance Piper, The (?)
Dancing Bear Reel Emin
Dancing Eyes Jig
Danny Boy Reel
Dark Island, The Waltz G
Dash to Portobello, The Reel D
Dawley's Delight Slide D
Dawning of the Day Barndance D
Deil's Awa Wi' The Exciseman, The
Denis Murphy's Slide Slide D Bryce on Dulcimer
Denis Murphys Polka Polka
Dermot Grogan's Jig D
Devils Dream Reel Edor
Devils of Dublin Reel
Dingle Regatta, The Slide D
Dinky Dorian's Reel D
Doctor O'Neal's Jig D
Dogs Among the Bushes, The Reel G
Donald Cameron's Polka Polka G
Donnybrook Fair Jig F
Dowd's Favourite Reel Gdor
Down the Broom Reel Ador
Dr Gilbert's Reel G Yes YouTube MP3
Drag Her around the Road Reel
Drops of Brandy Slip G YouTube MP3
Drowsy Maggie Reel D Yes YouTube MP3
Drunken Landlady Reel D
Drunken Piper, The Reel D Yes Bryce on Dulcimer
Drunken Sailor Song G Yes
Drunken Tinker Reel C
Dublin Porter Reel
Duke of Leinster, The Reel G
Duncan Davidson Strathspey D
Dunmore Lasses, The Reel G Yes Bryce on Dulcimer
Dusty Millar Slip Jig G
Dusty Windowsills, The Jig G Yes YouTube MP3
Earl's Chair, The Reel D Yes Bryce on Dulcimer
Easy Club Reel, The Reel A
Egan's Polka (The Kerry Polka?) Polka D Yes Bryce on Dulcimer
Eileen Curran Reel Gdor
Emmigrant Jig, The Slip Jig Edor
Enchanted Lady Reel D
Evit Gabriel Reel G Yes
Exile of Erin, The Reel Dmix
Fair Bird (Y Deryn Pur) Waltz G Bryce on Dulcimer
Fair Jenny's Jig Jig D Yes
Fairy Dance, The Reel D Bryce on Dulcimer
Falls of Shin, The Reel Amix
Famous Baxavan, The
Famous Reel of Ballymote, The Reel G
Fanny Power Jig D Bryce on Dulcimer
Far Away Waltz Waltz D Yes Bryce on Dulcimer
Far From Home
Faremore Lasses (Lass of Carracastle?) Reel D
Farewell to Erin Reel Ador Yes
Farewell to Milltown Malbay Reel G
Farewell to Whiskey Polka G
Farrel O'Gara Reel D
Father Kelly's Reel D Bryce on Dulcimer
Father O'Flynn Jig D
Father O'Grady's Visit to Bocca Reel D
Feeding the Birds Reel G
Fermoy Lasses Reel G
Fields of Athenry, The Song F
Fig for a Kiss, A Slip Jig Edor Yes YouTube MP3
Fingal's Cave Strathspey D Bryce on Dulcimer
Finnish Polka, The Polka D
Fisher's Hornpipe, The Hornpipe D Yes
Fisherman's Island Reel D Yes
Flax in Bloom, The Reel D
Flogging, The Reel G
Flowers of Edinburgh Reel G Yes Bryce on Dulcimer
Flowers of Spring, The Jig C
Flowing Bowl, The Reel D Yes YouTube MP3
Fly-Fishing Reel, The Reel A
Foggy Dew Song D Yes
Follow Me Down to Carlow Reel G
Forbes Morrison Strathspey A Yes
Forfar Hunt, The Reel Bdor
Four Pound Cheque, The Polka D
Fowler on the Moor Hornpipe G
Fox Hunter Reel G Yes YouTube MP3
Foxhunter, The Slip Jig Slip Jig D
Foxhunters, The Reel Reel G
Fraher's Jig Jig Dmix
Frank's Reel Reel G
Froggie on the Carport Reel A Yes
Full Rigged Ship, The Jig Amin Bryce on Dulcimer
Gale, The Reel Am Yes
Gallagher's Frolicks Jig Edor
Gander in the Pratie Hole Jig D
Garrett Barry's - Jig Jig G
Garrett Barry's - Reel Reel G
Garry Owens Jig
Garster's Dream Jig G Yes
Gatehouse Maid, The Reel G
Geese in the Bog Jig D
George White's Favourite Reel C
Gilbert Clancys Reel Reel
Gillian's Apples Jig D Yes
Gladstone, The Reel A
Glass Island Reel G
Glen Cottage, The - Polka Polka G
Glen of Aherlow Reel
Glencolumbcille Reel D
Gold Ring Jig G
Golden Keyboard Reel D Yes
Good Humored and Fairly Tipsy Jig
Good Natured Man, The Hornpipe G
Gooseberry Bush, The Reel D
Grace Hay's Delight Jig G Yes
Grasshopper Sittin on a Sweet Potato Vine Reel D Yes
Gravel Walks, The Reel G Yes YouTube MP3
Green Cottage Polka Polka
Green Groves of Erin, The Reel Amix
Green Mountain Reel D
Green Tea Hornpipe Hornpipe G
Greencastle Hornpipe Hornpipe D
Greenwood Side Polka Bm Yes
Greig's Pipes Reel G
Growling Old Man and Woman Reel G Yes YouTube MP3
Guiry's Favorite Reel
Gypsy Princess Barndance G
Hag in the Churn, The Jig G Bryce on Dulcimer
Hag With the Money Jig Dmix
Hag With the Purse Jig Dmix
Haining, The (?)
Hand Me Down the Tackle Reel D
Happy Traveler, The Slip Jig C
Hardiman the Fiddler Slip Jig G Bryce on Dulcimer
Harvest Home Hornpipe D Yes YouTube MP3
Haste to the Wedding Jig D Yes Bryce on Dulcimer
Haunted House Jig
Hawthorne Hedge Jig D
Haymaker, The Jig G
He's O'er the Hills That I Lo'e Weel Jig Edor
Hearty Boys of Ballymote Jig G
Heights of Dargai, The Slip Jig D
High Drive, The Reel D Yes
High Reel Reel Amix
High Road to Linton Reel A
Hills of Connemara, The Song D Yes YouTube MP3
Hold the Reins Reel G
Hole in the Hedge, The Jig C
Holly Bush, The Reel Dmix
Holy Land Reel D
Home Ruler, The Hornpipe D
Home With the Girls (?)
House on Summit Road, The (?)
Huey Shortys Reel (?)
Humours of Ballinafauna Jig Ador
Humours of Ballyconnell Reel D
Humours of Ballyloughlin, The Jig G Yes Bryce on Dulcimer
Humours of Castle Bernart Hornpipe D
Humours of Derrycrossane Slip Jig G
Humours of Enistymon, The (Coppers and Brass) Jig G
Humours of Glendart Jig D Bryce on Dulcimer
Humours Of Kilclogher Jig G Bryce on Dulcimer
Humours of Lisheen Jig G
Humours of Scariff Reel D
Humours of Trim Jig D Bryce on Dulcimer
Humours of Tulla Reel G
Humours of Tullycrine Hornpipe G
Hunter's Purse, The Reel G Yes
Hunters House Reel G
Hut in the Bog, The Reel Emin
Hut on Staffin Island Hornpipe D
I Buried My Wife and Danced on Top of Her Jig D
I'll Tell Me Ma Song G Yes
I'm Waiting For You Reel G
If I Had a Wife Slide G
Imelda Roland's Reel D
Independence Trail Slide
Indian Point Jig G
Ingonish Jig D Bryce on Dulcimer
Inisheer Waltz Dmix
Inverinate House Reel G
Irish Washer Woman Jig G Yes YouTube MP3
Islay Rant Reel G Yes
Jack Coens Jig Jig G
Jack Daniels Reel A
Jackie Coleman's Reel D
Jackson's Reel Reel Edor
James Byrnes Reel D
Jamie Allen Polka
Jenny Lind Polka Polka D
Jenny Nettles Reel G
Jenny Picking Cockles Reel G
Jenny's Chickens Reel D Yes
Jenny's Wedding Reel D
Jenny's Welcome to Charlie Reel C Yes
Jessicas Polka Polka G
Jig of Slurs, The Jig G
Jimmy Ward's Jig D
Job of Journeywork Hornpipe D
Joe Banes Reel G
Joe Derrane's Jig Bmin
John Bradys Jig Edor
John Burke's Reel Reel Ddor
John D Burgess Jig D
John Doherty's Reel Ador
John Keith Laing Reel A
John Kelly's College Groves Reel D
John McGinley's Reel Ador
John McHugh's Jig G
John Naughtons Reel G
John Roy Stewart Strathspey F
John Ryan's Polka D Yes Bryce on Dulcimer
John Walshs Polka Polka G
Johnny Cope Hornpipe Ador
Johnny Jump Up Song Dm
Johnny Mickeys Polka Polka
Johsefin's Dopvals Waltz D
Joy of My Life, The (Humours of Donnybrook Fair) Jig G Yes Bryce on Dulcimer
Joyce's Jig Jig D
Jug of Punch Reel Ddor
Julia Delaney's Reel F Bryce on Dulcimer
Kerfunken Jig Jig D
Kesh Jig, The Jig G Yes Bryce on Dulcimer
Kid On The Mountain, The Slip Jig G Yes Bryce on Dulcimer
Kilfenora 2 Jig D
Killavil, The Jig G
Killoran's Reel Reel D
Kilmaley, The Reel G
King of the Fairies Hornpipe Edor
King of the Pipers Jig Ador
Kinnegard Slashers, The Jig D
Kiss the Maid Behind the Barrel Reel G
Kisses From Maisie (?)
Kitchen Girl Reel D
Kittie Lie Over Jig D Bryce on Dulcimer
Kitty Goes a Milking Reel G
Knockdu Reel Amin
Knotted Cord, The Reel G
La Grand Chaine Reel G
Lad O' Beirne's Reel G
Lads of Laoid, The Reel D
Lady on the Island, The Reel D
Lafferty's Reel Reel Edor
Langstrom's Pony Jig D Yes YouTube MP3
Lannigan's Ball Jig G
Lark in the Morning Jig D Yes Bryce on Dulcimer
Larkin's Beehives Reel G
Larry Redican's Bow Reel D
Lass O' Patie's Mill Reel D
Last House in Connaught, The Reel Dmix
Last Night's Fun Reel D
Launching of the Boat Reel D
Laurel Tree, The Reel G Bryce on Dulcimer
Leaving Friday Harbor Waltz D Yes
Legacy Jig, The Jig G
Lemonville Jig D
Lilting Banshee Jig G Yes Bryce on Dulcimer
Lime Hill Strathspey A
Little Diamond, The - Polka Polka D
Little Donald in the Pigpen Reel D
Little Fair Cannavans (Na Ceannabhain Bhana) Slip Jig D Bryce on Dulcimer
Little Red Ford, The (?)
Loch Leven Castle Hornpipe Ador
Lochanside Waltz D
Londubh agus an céirseach, An Hornpipe Dmix
Longford Collector, The Reel G
Lord Gordon's Reel Reel D
Lord Mayo Polka G
Lowland Lads Think They Are Fine, The D
Luck Penny Jig
Lucy Campbells Reel D
MacArthur Road Reel E Bryce on Dulcimer
Machine Without Horses, The Strathspey
MacIntyres Fancy Jig
MacPhersons Farewell Barndance Dmix
MacPhersons Rant Barndance Dmix
Maggie Browns Favourite Jig G
Maggie in the Woods Polka G
Maghera Mountain Reel G
Magic Slip Polka Polka
Maho Snaps, The Jig G Yes YouTube MP3
Maid Behind the Bar Reel D Yes YouTube MP3
Maid in the Cherry Tree Reel
Maid in the Meadow, The Jig G Yes YouTube MP3
Maids of Mitchelstown, The Reel Dmin
Maids of Mont Cisco (Kisco) Reel Ador
Mairi's Wedding Polka D
Man of the House, The Reel D
Many a Wild Night Polka G
March Of The Kings Of Laois Jig Dmix
Marino Waltz G Yes
Market Town, The Jig A
Martin Wynne's Reel D
Mary Brennan's Favourite Polka G
Mason's Apron, The Reel A
Maudabawn Chapel Reel G
Maxwells Bonnet Hornpipe D
Mayor Harrison's Fedora Reel D
McGreevy's Favourite Reel Ddor
McPhaedran's Strathspey Strathspey
Men of Pen-Dref Jig
Mermaid, The Song C
Merrily Kissed The Quakers Wife Slide G Bryce on Dulcimer
Merry Blacksmith, The Reel D Yes YouTube MP3
Merry Days of Easter Reel G
Michael Kennedy's Reel C
Mickey Callaghan's Slide Jig D
Mickey Chewing Bubblegum Polka A
Milky Way Reel D
Mill, Mill, O, The Barndance D
Milliner's Daughter, The Reel G
Minstrel Boy Strathspey G
Miss Gunning's Rant (The Contradiction) Reel A Yes
Miss Monaghan Reel D
Miss Patterson's Slippers Reel Edor
Miss Thornton's Reel G
Mist On The Mountain, The Jig G
Misty Moisty Morning Song D Yes
Molloy's Favourite Reel D
Monahan, The Jig Jig
Money in Both Pockets Reel D
Moon and Seven Stars, The Jig D Yes Bryce on Dulcimer
Moon Coin Jig D
Morning Dew Reel Edor
Morning Star Reel D
Morrison's Jig Jig D Yes Bryce on Dulcimer
Mortgage Burn Reel A YouTube MP3
Mother and Child Reel D
Mountain Bluebird, The (?)
Mountain Road, The Reel D Yes YouTube MP3
Mouse in the Cupboard Jig G Yes YouTube MP3
Mouth of the Tobique Reel G Yes YouTube MP3
Mr Glavin's (?)
Mrs Crotty's Christening Reel D
Mrs Galvins Jig A
Mrs Jamiesons Favourite Waltz A
Mrs MacPherson of Inveran Reel D
Mrs McGhee Jig Gmix
Mrs McLeod of Rasay Reel G
Mrs. Oswald of Auchincruive's Favorite Reel (Jig) Jig G
Ms Rose (?)
Mucking O' Geordie's Byre, The Jig D
Mug of Brown Ale, The Jig G
Mull of the Mountains Waltz D
Mullingar Races, The Reel D
Munster Buttermilk (Boats of Killaloe, The) Jig Ador Bryce on Dulcimer
Murray River, The Jig G
Music for a Found Harmonium Reel D
Music in the Glen Reel G
Musical Priest, The Reel D Yes YouTube MP3
My Darling Asleep Jig D Yes Bryce on Dulcimer
My Love Is in America Reel D
My Love She`s But a Lassie Yet Reel D Yes
My Own House Waltz Waltz Yes
My Wifes a Wanton Wee Thing Jig D
Naomi's Jig (?) Jig
Navvy on the Line Hornpipe
New Copperplate, The Reel G
New Mown Meadow Reel Ador
New Potato Polka Polka Dm Yes
New Rigged Ship, Da Strathspey Ador
Newmarket Polka Polka
Ni Fios Reel Dmix
Night Drive on Five (?)
Nightingale, The Jig G
Nine Pint Coggie Reel G Yes
Nine Points of Roguery, The Reel D Yes
O'Carolan's Concerto Reel D Yes
O'Carolan's Fancy Jig D
O'Keefe's Slide Slide G Yes Bryce on Dulcimer
O'Rourkes Reel Amix
O'Sullivan's March Jig G
Oak Tree Reel D
Off to California Hornpipe G Yes Bryce on Dulcimer
Old Bush, The Reel Dmix
Old Favourite, The Jig G Yes Bryce on Dulcimer
Old Grey Cat Reel D Yes Bryce on Dulcimer
Old Hag You Have Killed Me Jig G
Old Man Dillon Jig G
Old Peter Street Reel A
Old Torn Petticoat, The Reel Ador
On the Fiddle
One Horned Sheep Jig G
One That Was Last Reel D
Opera Reel Reel D Yes
Orange and Blue Strathspey G
Orphan Jig Jig G
Otter's Holt, The Reel D Yes YouTube MP3
Out of Bounds (?)
Out on the Ocean Jig G Bryce on Dulcimer
Over the Hill Reel G
Over the Moore to Maggie Reel G
Over the Water to Charlie Jig G
Over the Waterfall Reel D
Paddy Breen's Jig G
Paddy Canny's Toast Reel Gdor
Paddy Fahy's Jigs Jig Gdor
Paddy on the Handcar Reel Ador
Paddy on the Landfill Reel Gmin
Paddy on the Turnpike Reel G
Paddy's Resource Jig G
Paddy's Return From Glasgow Jig A
Paper of Pins Song G
Patty Ann March G Bryce on Dulcimer
Pay the Reckoning Jig G
Peacock's Feather, The Hornpipe G
Peat Fire Flame Reel Dmin
Peeler's Jacket, The Reel G
Peg Ryan's Polka (Mrs Ryan's Polka) Polka G Bryce on Dulcimer
Peggy MacDougalls Jig G
Peter's Peerie Boat Jig D
Petticoat Loose Jig
Pigeon on the Gate, The Reel D Yes Bryce on Dulcimer
Pinch of Snuff, The Reel D Yes YouTube MP3
Pipe Major Donald MacLean of Lewis Jig Ador
Pipe on the Hob 1 Jig G
Pipe on the Hob 2 Jig G
Piper o' Dundee, The Strathspey Ador
Plains of Boyle Hornpipe D
Planxty Drew Jig F
Planxty George Brabizon Reel G
Planxty Irwin Jig G Yes Bryce on Dulcimer
Planxty John Kelly Reel G Yes
Poor But Happy at 53 (aka Michael Tennyson's) Reel G
Port Na mBraithre - Behind the Haystack Jig D
Possum Up a Gump Stump Reel G Yes
President Garfield's Hornpipe A
Pretty Peg Reel D
Pullet that Wants the Cock Jig D
Quiet Man, The Strathspey Dmin
Raivlin Reel, The Reel D
Rakes of Kildare, The Jig G Yes
Rakish Paddy Reel Ador
Rambling Pitchfork, The Jig D
Rattlin' Bog, The Song D
Reconcilliation, The Reel A
Red Box, The Reel Dmix
Red Haired Boy, The Reel Amix Yes
Red Haired Lass, The Reel G
Red House of Cardiff Reel
Red is the Rose Song F
Red Stripe (By Marrilee Schulz) (?) G
Red Wing (?)
Reel Dionne Reel D
Reel Saint Antoine Reel A
Reel Saint Joseph Reel D
Reel With the Birl,The Reel Edor
Return from Fingal March Fdor
Reverend Brother's Jig, The Jig Ador
Rights of Man, The Hornpipe G Yes YouTube MP3
Rising of the Moon Song F Yes
Road Ahead, The Reel D Yes
Road ta Houll, Da Reel D Yes
Road to Banff, The Jig D
Road to Batoche Barndance D Yes YouTube MP3
Road to Coolea, The Jig D
Road to Houll, Da Reel D Yes
Road to Lisdoonvarna, The Slide D Yes Bryce on Dulcimer
Road To Mount Tinnie Run, The Jig Am Yes
Roaring Barmaid, The Jig G Yes
Roaring Mary Reel D
Rob Fraser's Welcome to San Francisco
Robins Nest, The Jig C
Rolling Down the Hill Jig G
Rolling in the Barrell Reel Ador
Rolling in the Rye Grass Reel
Rolling Waves, The Jig D Bryce on Dulcimer
Rookerie Reel G Yes
Roosky Polka Polka D
Roscommon Reel, The Reel D
Rose in the Heather, The Jig D
Rosewood Jig G
Rosie Finn's Favourite Slide G
Round the Horn Reel G
Rowsome's Reel G
Saddle the Pony Jig G Bryce on Dulcimer
Sailing Into Walpole's Marsh Reel Ador
Sailor on the Rock Reel D
Sailor's Hornpipe, The Hornpipe G Yes Bryce on Dulcimer
Sailor's Wife, The a.k.a. New Shields Jig G
Sailors Bonnet, The Reel D
Saint Anne's Reel D Yes Bryce on Dulcimer
Saint Kilda Wedding Reel G
Saint Patrick's Day Jig G Yes Bryce on Dulcimer
Salamanca Reel D Yes
Sally Gardens, The Reel G Yes YouTube MP3
Saucy Sailor Song D Yes
Scatter the Mud Jig G Yes YouTube MP3
Scholar, The Reel D
Scotland the Brave March
Scully Casey's Jig Ador
Sean Bui Jig D
Sean Frank Reels Reel Edor
Sean Ryans Jig Jig C Yes
Sean Sa Ceo Reel
Sean Sa Cheo (Sean Ca Ceo) Reel Ador
Seanamhach Tube Station Jig G
Seanbhean Na gCartai Reel D
Sergeant Early's Dream Reel G
Shandon Bells Jig D
Sheehan's Reel G Yes
Ship in Full Sail Jig G
Ships Are Sailing Reel Edor
Shoemaker's Daughter, The Reel G
Si Bheag Si Mhor Waltz D Yes YouTube MP3
Silver Spear Reel D Yes YouTube MP3
Silver Spire, The Reel D Yes
Skye Boat Waltz G Bryce on Dulcimer
Skylark, The Reel D
Sleep Soond Ida Moarnin Reel D Yes Bryce on Dulcimer
Sliabh Russel Jig
Sligo Creek Reel A
Sligo Maid, The Reel G Yes YouTube MP3
Smash the Windows Jig D Bryce on Dulcimer
Snowy Path Slip Jig D Yes
Snug in the Blanket Jig G Bryce on Dulcimer
Soggy's Slip Jig A
Soldier's Joy Hornpipe D Yes YouTube MP3
Song of the Chanter Polka Dmix
Sonny Murray's Hornpipe Hornpipe D
Sonny's Mazurka Mazurka D
Sourgrass and Granite Waltz D
South Australia Song C YouTube MP3
South Wind, The Waltz G Yes
Spanish Lady Polka A
Speed the Plough Reel
Spike Island Lasses, The Reel D
Splendid Isolation Reel Gdor
Spokane Waltz Bmin
Spootiskerry Reel G Yes Bryce on Dulcimer
Sport Jig D
Sporting Paddy Reel G
Stan Chapman Jig A Yes
Star Above the Garter Slide G
Star Of Munster, The Reel G Yes Bryce on Dulcimer
Star of the County Down Song G YouTube MP3
Staten Island Hornpipe Hornpipe G
Staten Island Reel
Steamboat, The Jig A
Steampacket Reel
Stella's Trip to Kamloops Strathspey G Yes
Step a Ti-Phonse Reel D
Stone's Throw, A Polka D Yes Bryce on Dulcimer
Stoney Steps Reel D
Stool of Repentance Jig A Yes Bryce on Dulcimer
Strayaway Child Jig
Stride, The Reel C YouTube MP3
Strike the Gay Harp Jig D
Stumpie Strathspey A
Sunny Banks Reel D
Swallow, The Reel Ador
Swallowtail, The Jig G Yes YouTube MP3
Sweeneys Buttermilk Reel C
Swinging On A Gate Reel G Yes YouTube MP3
Tabhair Dom Do Lamh (Give Me Your Hand) Waltz G
Tailor's Twist Hornpipe D Yes
Tam Lin (The Glasgow) Reel Am Yes Bryce on Dulcimer
Tar Road to Sligo Jig D Yes
Tarbolton Lodge Reel G Yes
Tatter Jack Walsh Jig
Teatotallers Fancy Reel G
Temperance Reel G Yes YouTube MP3
Templehouse Reel, The Reel Edor
Tenpenny Bit, The Jig G Yes Bryce on Dulcimer
Teribus Polka D
The Girl Who Broke My Heart Reel
They Stole My Wife From Me Last Night Strathspey Amin
Three Sea Captains, The Jig G
Thrush in the Morning, The Reel D
Tie the Bonnet Reel Edor
Tie the Ribbons Reel Edor
Timmy Cliffords Jig G
Tinker's Stick, The Reel G
Tobin's Favourite Jig D Yes YouTube MP3
Tolka Polka Polka Am Yes
Tom Billy's Jig Ador
Tom Doherty's Reel C Yes
Tom Morrison's Polka G
Tom Sullivans Polka
Tom Ward's Downfall Reel C
Tommy Bhetty`s Waltz Waltz G
Tommy Coen's Reel Reel Gmix
Tommy People's Reel G
Too Young to Marry Polka D Yes
Top o' the Grampians, The Strathspey A
Toss the Feathers No 1 Reel D Yes YouTube MP3
Toss the Feathers No 2 Reel D Yes YouTube MP3
Trettondedags Marschen Reel A
Trim the Velvet Reel G
Trip to Athlone, The Jig D
Trip to Birmingham, The Reel G
Trip to Durrow Reel D
Trip to Sligo Jig D Yes
Tripping Up the Stairs Jig D Yes YouTube MP3
Tuttle's Reel Reel Ddor
Up and About in the Morning Jig
Up in the Air Jig Bmin
Up to Your Knees in Sand Reel G
Virginia, The Reel D
Wallop the Cat From Under the Table Jig
Wallop the Potlid Jig G
Walls of Liscarroll, The Jig D Yes Bryce on Dulcimer
Walsh's Hornpipe Hornpipe A
Warlock, The Strathspey G Yes
Water Under The Keel Jig D
Weaver and His Wife, The Slide G
Welcome the Bee Waltz C
Wheels of the World Reel Dmix
When the Cock Crows It Is Day Jig G
Whinney Hills of Leitrim, The Slip Jig D Bryce on Dulcimer
Whiskey Before Breakfast Reel D Yes Bryce on Dulcimer
Whisky in the Jar Song C
Whistling Postman, The (or The Kerry) Jig D
White Petticoat Jig G
Wi a Hundred Pipers Jig D
Wild Irishman, The Reel D
Will You Come Down to Limerick Slip Jig G
Willafjord Reel D Yes
Willie Davie Reel A
Willy Coleman's Jig G
Wind that Shakes the Barley, The Reel D Yes YouTube MP3
Winnie Hayes's Jig Jig Ador
Wise Maid, The Reel D
Within a Mile of Dublin Reel Dmix
Wizard's Walk, The Reel Emin
Woman of the House Reel G
Woodchoppers Ball Reel D
Wull Broons Strathspey Amin
Ye Jacobites By Name Song Am
Yellow John Jig
Yellow Wattle, The Jig G
You Carefree Young Lads Jig D Yes Bryce on Dulcimer