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Traditional Tunes

Title Type Key Chords
Kitchen Girl reel
One Horned Sheep jig
Paddy on the Handcar reel
Too Young to Marry reel
Contradiction, The reel A
Forbes Morrison strathspey A Yes
Stool of Repentance jig A Yes
Ye Jacobites By Name song Am
Red Haired Boy, The Reel Amix Yes
Bonnie Ship the Diamond song C Yes
Coleraine jig C Yes
Come Out, Ye Black and Tans song C
Courtin in the Kitchen song C
Whisky in the Jar song C
Apples in Winter jig D Yes
Blarney Pilgrim, The jig D Yes
Boys from the County Cork song D
Boys of Blue Hill hornpipe D Yes
Butterfly, The slip jig D Yes
Campbell's Farewell to Redcastle reel D Yes
Cup of Tea reel D Yes
Drowsy Maggie reel D Yes
Drunken Piper, The reel D Yes
Duncan Davidson strathspey D
Earl's Chair, The reel D Yes
Foggy Dew song D Yes
Harvest Home hornpipe D Yes
Haste to the Wedding jig D Yes
Hills of Connemara, The song D Yes
Lads of Laois, The reel D
Langstrom's Pony jig D Yes
Lark in the Morning jig D Yes
Little Donald in the Pigpen reel D
Maid Behind the Bar reel D Yes
Merry Blacksmith, The reel D Yes
Moon and Seven Stars, The jig D Yes
Morrison's Jig jig D Yes
Musical Priest, The reel D Yes
My Darling Asleep jig D Yes
Old Grey Cat reel D Yes
Pigeon on the Gate, The reel D Yes
Road to Batoche barndance D Yes
Road to Houll, Da reel D Yes
Road to Lisdoonvarna, The slide D Yes
Si Bheag Si Mhor waltz D Yes
Silver Spear reel D Yes
Sleep Sound Ida Moarnin reel D Yes
Tobin's Favourite jig D Yes
Toss the Feathers No 1 reel D Yes
Toss the Feathers No 2 reel D Yes
Trip to Sligo jig D Yes
Tripping Up the Stairs jig D Yes
Walls of Liscarroll, The jig D Yes
Whiskey Before Breakfast reel D Yes
Willafjord reel D Yes
Wind that Shakes the Barley, The reel D Yes
You Carefree Young Lads Jig D Yes
Bedlam Boys song F Yes
Julia Delaney's reel F Yes
Ballydesmond No 1 polka G Yes
Ballydesmond No 2 polka G Yes
Ballydesmond No 3 polka G Yes
Banish Misfortune jig G Yes
Castle Kelly reel G Yes
Coilsfield House strathspey G
Congress Reel reel G Yes
Cooley's Reel reel G Yes
Donald Cameron's Polka polka G
Drunken Sailor song G Yes
Dunmore Lasses, The reel G Yes
Flowers of Edinburgh barndance G Yes
Garster's Dream jig G Yes
Grace Hay's Delight jig G Yes
Humours of Ballyloughlin, The jig G Yes
Irish Washer Woman jig G Yes
Kesh Jig jig G Yes
Kid On The Mountain, The slip jig G Yes
Laurel Tree, The Reel G Yes
Lilting Banshee jig G Yes
Mouth of the Tobique reel G Yes
O'Keefe's Slide slide G Yes
Off to California hornpipe G Yes
Old Favourite, The jig G Yes
Planxty Irwin jig G Yes
Rights of Man, The hornpipe G Yes
Sailor's Wife, The jig G Yes
Saint Kilda Wedding reel G
Saint Patrick's Day jig G Yes
Sally Gardens, The reel G Yes
Sligo Maid, The reel G Yes
Snug in the Blanket jig G
Star Of Munster, The reel G Yes
Swallowtail, The jig G Yes
Swinging On A Gate reel G Yes
Tell Me Ma song G Yes
Tenpenny Bit, The jig G Yes

Tunes With Uncertain © Copyright

Title Type Key Chords
Confluence John Illingworth, The reel
Jack Daniels
Lass O Patie's Mill reel
Machine Without Horses, The jig
McPhaedran's Strathspey strathspey
Mrs. McGhee jig
Mrs. McLeod of Raasay reel
On the Fiddle reel
Orange and Blue strathspey
Orevalsen waltz
Peat Fire Flame
Peter's Peerie Boat jig
Piper o' Dundee, The strathspey
Quiet Man, The strathspey
Raivlin Reel, The reel
Saddle the Pony jig
Smash the Windows jig
Steamboat, The jig
Stone's Throw
The Bow-Legged Bosun reel
The Lowland Lads Think They Are Fine jig
They Stole My Wife From Me Last Night strathspey
Top o' the Grampians, The strathspey
Humours of Glendart jig
Immigrant Jig, The Jig
Splendid Isolation
Froggie on the Carport Reel A Yes
Mortgage Burn reel A
The Road To Mount Tinnie Run Jig Am Yes
Greenwood Side polka Bm Yes
Mermaid, The song C
Sean Ryans Jig jig C Yes
South Australia song C
Stride, The reel C
Tom Doherty's reel C Yes
A Stone's Throw Polka D Yes
Across the Western Ocean song D Yes
Black Velvet Band song D
Broad Black Brimmer song D
Charlie Hunter jig D Yes
Flowing Bowl, The reel D Yes
Gillian's Apples jig D Yes
Grasshopper Sittin on a Sweet Potato Vine Reel D Yes
Ingonish jig D
Jenny's Chickens reel D Yes
Kerry, The jig D
Misty Moisty Morning song D Yes
My Love She`s But a Lassie Yet reel D Yes
Nine Points of Roguery, The reel D Yes
Oak Tree reel D
Opera Reel reel D Yes
Pinch of Snuff, The reel D Yes
Saint Anne's reel D Yes
Saucy Sailor song D Yes
Silver Spire, The reel D Yes
Soldier's Joy hornpipe D Yes
Spike Island Lasses, The reel D
Tailor's Twist hornpipe D Yes
Tar Road to Sligo jig D Yes
Johnny Jump Up song Dm
Fields of Athenry, The song F
Red is the Rose song F
Rising of the Moon song F Yes
All For Me Grog song G Yes
Bonnie Dundee jig G Yes
Dr Gilbert's reel G Yes
Fox Hunter reel G Yes
Gravel Walks, The reel G Yes
Growling Old Man and Woman reel G Yes
Hunter's Purse, The reel G Yes
Maho Snaps, The jig G Yes
Maid in the Meadow, The jig G Yes
Mouse in the Cupboard jig G Yes
Nine Pint Coggie reel G Yes
Paper of Pins song G
Possum Up a Gump Stump Reel G Yes
Rakes of Kildare, The jig G Yes
Red Stripe (By Marrilee Schulz) jig G
Roaring Barmaid, The jig G Yes
Scatter the Mud jig G Yes
South Wind, The waltz G Yes
Star of the County Down song G
Tarbolton Lodge reel G Yes
Temperance reel G Yes
Trip to Birmingham, The reel G
Warlock, The strathspey G Yes

Tunes Copyrighted

Title Type Key Chords Composer License
Andre a Toto Andre a Toto Unknown
High Road to Linton reel Bobby MacLeod Kerr's Music Corporation
Hut on Staffin Island Phil Cunningham Unknown
Largo's Fairy Dance Nathaniel Gow Unknown
MacArthur Road reel Dave Richardson Unknown
Mrs. Oswald of Auchincruive's Favorite Reel (Jig) jig Robert Mackintosh Unknown
Music for a Found Harmonium reel Simon Jeffes Editions Penguin Cafe Ltd
Patti Ann Ron Wall Unknown
Step a Ti-Phonse Andre Alain Unknown
Wizard's Walk, The reel Jay Ungar BMI
Rob Frasers Welcome to San Francisco Alasdair Fraser Unknown
Belle Catherine, La reel A Yes Louis Boudreault Unknown
Bennachie Sunrise reel A Yes Paul Machlis EMI
Lime Hill strathspey A Dan R. MacDonald Unknown
Stan Chapman jig A Yes Jerry Holland Unknown
Bus Stop Reel reel Am Yes Anita Anderson Unknown
Gale, The reel Am Yes Susan Conger Susan Conger
Tam Lin (The Glasgow) reel Am Yes Davey Arthur Unknown
Tolka Polka Polka Am Yes Donal Lunny Donal Lunny?
Amelia's Waltz waltz D Yes Bob McQuillan Unknown
Caribou Reel reel D Yes Andy de Jarlis Berandol Music Ltd
Da Road to Houll reel D Yes Tom Anderson Unknown
Dermot Grogan's jig D Martin (Junior) Crehan (1908-1998) Unknown
Fair Jenny's Jig jig D Yes Peter Barnes Peter Barnes
Faraway Waltz waltz D Yes Peter Jung Unknown
Golden Keyboard reel D Yes Martin Mulhaire Unknown
High Drive, The reel D Yes Gordon Duncan Unknown
Otter's Holt, The reel D Yes Junior Creehan Unknown
Snowy Path slip jig D Mark Kelly Unknown
Sourgrass and Granite waltz D Brian Pickell Unknown
Water Under The Keel jig D Shaun Davey Unknown
Cavers of Kirkcudbright Jig Dm Yes Mike Vass Unknown
New Potato Polka polka Dm Yes Paul Gitlitz Unknown
Blackberry Festival Footrace Jig Dm^c Yes David Fisher Unknown
Cherry Tree reel G Arvid Lundin Arvid Lundin
Dusty Windowsills, The jig G Yes Johnny Harling Unknown
Evit Gabriel reel G Yes Daniel Thonon SOCAN
Frank's Reel reel G John McCusker Unknown
Hunters House reel G Ed Reavy Unknown
Islay Rant reel G Yes Charlie McKennon Unknown
Marino Waltz G Yes John Sheahan of The Dubliners Unknown
Spootiskerry reel G Yes Samuel Ian Rothmar Burns Mrs. Phyllis E. Burnes
Stella's Trip to Kamloops strathspey G Yes Patricia Chaffe Unknown