Tunes played on 2019-01-06

Tunes List: Whinny Hills of Leitrim 2, The (D); Little Fair Cannavans (Na Ceannabhain Bhana); Joy of My Life (Humours of Donnybrook Fair); Peeler's Jacket, The (Flannel Jacket); Scholar, The; Humours of Tulla; Wind that Shakes the Barley, The; My Darling Asleep; Black Rogue, The; Gander in the Pratie Hole; Swinging On A Gate; Within a Mile of Dublin; Rakish Paddy (or The Deer's Antlers); Trip to Durrow; Farewell to Erin; Wise Maid, The; Tom Billy's; Pipe on the Hob 2 (Minor 3 Part); Hag in the Churn, The; Earl's Chair, The; Bunker Hill; Oak Tree; Curragh Races; Tarbolton Lodge; Longford Collector, The; Sailor's Wife (New Shields); Doctor O'Neal's; Gallagher's Frolicks; Sligo Maid, The