Tunes played on 2023-10-02

Tunes List: Sliabh Russel; Blarney Pilgrim, The; Jimmy Ward's; Kitty Lie Over (Paddy's Return); Munster Buttermilk (Boats of Killaloe); Pipe on the Hob 2 (Minor 3 Part); Hag in the Churn, The; Gooseberry Bush, The; Collier's Reel; Jackie Coleman's; Boys Of Ballisodare; I Buried My Wife and Danced on Top of Her; Will You Come Home With Me; Pay the Reckoning; Mist On The Mountain, The; Tenpenny Bit, The; Cook in the Kitchen; Old Bush, The; Boyne Hunt; Hunter's Purse, The; George White's Favourite; Swallowtail, The; Fraher's Jig; Willy Coleman's; Humours of Tullycrine (Bobby Casey's); Sporting Paddy; Sporting Pitchfork; Hawthorne Hedge; Wind that Shakes the Barley, The; Castle Kelly; Fairys Hornpipe (Fairies Hornpipe); Kitty Goes a Milking; March Of The Kings Of Laois; Parnells March; Glen Cottage (Denis Doody's Polka); Tolka Polka; Ballydesmond No 1; Ballydesmond No 2; Ballydesmond No 3; Maghera Mountain; Duke of Leinster, The; New Mown Meadow; Paddy Canny's Toast; Bunch of Keys (Farewell to Milltown); Salamanca; Cregg's Pipes / Gregg's Pipes; Otter's Holt, The; Peacock's Feathers, The