Tunes played on 2019-03-10

Tunes List: Banshee, The; Swinging On A Gate; Merry Blacksmith, The; Sally Gardens, The; Ships Are Sailing; New Mown Meadow; Humours of Trim; Rolling Waves, The; Kerfunten Jig; Garrett Barry's - Jig; Cliffs of Moher; Humours of Ballyloughlin, The; Banish Misfortune; Blarney Pilgrim, The; Moon Coin; Miss Monaghan; Dusty Windowsills, The; Old Favourite, The; Kesh Jig, The; Saddle the Pony; Snug in the Blanket; Silver Spear; Appropriate Dipstick, The; Tom Billy's; Pipe on the Hob 2 (Minor 3 Part); Hag in the Churn, The; Tarbolton Lodge; Flowers of Edinburgh; Old Grey Cat; Mrs McLeod of Rasay; Boys of Blue Hill; Harvest Home; Boys of Malin; Fisher's Hornpipe, The; I Buried My Wife and Danced on Top of Her; Earl's Chair, The; Castle Kelly; Joy of My Life (Humours of Donnybrook Fair); Sailor's Hornpipe, The; Farrel O'Gara; Toss the Feathers No 1; Toss the Feathers No 2; Ballydesmond No 1; Ballydesmond No 2; Ballydesmond No 3; Britches Full of Stitches; Bill Malley's Barndance; Tam Lin (The Glasgow); Cup of Tea; Musical Priest, The