Tunes played on 2019-10-20

Tunes List: I Buried My Wife and Danced on Top of Her; Joy of My Life (Humours of Donnybrook Fair); Maids of Mont Cisco (Kisco); Hardiman the Fiddler; Black Rogue, The; Finnish Polka, The (Ievan's Polkka); Wind that Shakes the Barley, The; Cup of Tea; Sailor on the Rock; Bird in the Bush; Kiss the Maid Behind the Barrel; Castle Kelly; Hunter's Purse, The; Rakish Paddy (or The Deer's Antlers); Rights of Man, The; Off to California; Ballydesmond No 1; Ballydesmond No 2; Ballydesmond No 3; Egan's Polka (The Kerry Polka?); Otter's Holt, The; Toss the Feathers No 1; Toss the Feathers No 2; Morrison's Jig; Butterfly, The; Kid On The Mountain, The