Tunes played on 2019-12-29

Tunes List: Market Town, The; Scatter the Mud; Out on the Ocean; Rolling Waves, The; I Buried My Wife and Danced on Top of Her; Yellow John; Swallowtail, The; Gallagher's Frolicks; Butterfly, The; Ballydesmond No 1; Ballydesmond No 2; Ballydesmond No 3; Kid On The Mountain, The; Morrison's Jig; Cup of Tea; Rakish Paddy (or The Deer's Antlers); Shandon Bells; My Darling Asleep; Humours of Ballyloughlin, The; Wi a Hundred Pipers; Rights of Man, The; Bill Malley's Barndance; Little Fair Cannavans (Na Ceannabhain Bhana); Harvest Home; Boys of Blue Hill; Sporting Paddy; Castle Kelly; Flowers of Edinburgh; Old Bush, The; Trip to Sligo; Cooley's Reel; Wise Maid, The; Silver Spear; Charlie Harris; Finnish Polka, The (Ievan's Polkka); Jessicas Polka