Tunes played on 2022-01-30

Tunes List: Humours of Kiltyklogher (Kilclogher); Old Favourite, The; Jimmy Ward's; Sailors Bonnet, The; Lark in the Morning; Pipe on the Hob 2 (Minor 3 Part); Hag in the Churn, The; Trip to Athlone, The; Munster Buttermilk (Boats of Killaloe); Little Fair Cannavans (Na Ceannabhain Bhana); Whinny Hills of Leitrim 2, The (D); Shandon Bells; My Darling Asleep; Cooley's Reel; Castle Kelly; Maid Behind the Bar; I Buried My Wife and Danced on Top of Her; Creel of Turf; Saddle the Pony; Joy of My Life (Humours of Donnybrook Fair); Otter's Holt, The; Reverend Brother's Jig, The; Cliffs of Moher; Dusty Windowsills, The; Devils Toenail; Farewell to Erin; Musical Priest, The; High Reel; Con Cassidy's; Dusty Miller; O'Keefe's Slide; Denis Murphy's Slide; Humours of Tullycrine (Bobby Casey's); Sporting Paddy; Gallagher's Frolicks; Kid On The Mountain, The; Pigeon on the Gate, The; Morning Dew; Hardimans Fancy / Joe Derrane's; New Hands