Fig for a Kiss, A (Slip Jig)

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All Slip Jigs in the key of Edor:

Followed By Suggestions

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  3. Hag in the Churn, The (Jig) [8x]  
  4. Merrily Kissed The Quakers Wife (Slide) [7x]  
  5. Drops of Brandy (Slip Jig) [4x]

Preceded By Suggestions

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  3. Lilting Banshee (Jig) [8x]  
  4. Humours of Kiltyklogher (Kilclogher) (Jig) [7x]  
  5. Merrily Kissed The Quakers Wife (Slide) [7x]  
  6. Foxhunter, The Slip Jig (Slip Jig) [3x]
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