Jackie Coleman's (Reel)

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All Reels in the key of D or G:

Followed By Suggestions

  1. Peeler's Jacket, The (Reel) [19x]  
  2. Mountain Road, The (Reel) [16x]  
  3. Bag of Spuds, The (Reel) [10x]  
  4. Bank of Ireland, The (Reel) [9x]
  5. Jackson's Reel (Reel) [9x]  
  6. Wind that Shakes the Barley, The (Reel) [8x]  
  7. Lafferty's Reel (Reel) [8x]  
  8. Sligo Maid, The (Reel) [7x]  

Preceded By Suggestions

  1. Mountain Road, The (Reel) [29x]  
  2. Sailor on the Rock (Reel) [14x]  
  3. Catharsis (Reel) [11x]  
  4. Humours of Ballyconnell (Reel) [10x]
  5. Julia Delaney's (Reel) [9x]  
  6. Green Mountain (Reel) [9x]  
  7. Tolka Polka (Polka) [8x]  
  8. Cup of Tea (Reel) [7x]  
  9. Maid Behind the Bar (Reel) [6x]  
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