Boy in the Gap (Reel)

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Followed By Suggestions

  1. Boy in the Boat (Reel) [34x]
  2. Flowers of Edinburgh (Reel) [4x]  
  3. Trip to Durrow (Reel) [4x]  
  4. Humours of Tullycrine (Hornpipe) [3x]  
  5. Out on the Ocean (Jig) [2x]  

Preceded By Suggestions

  1. Lafferty's Reel (Reel) [9x]  
  2. Moon and Seven Stars, The (Jig) [8x]  
  3. MacArthur Road (Reel) [8x]
  4. Farewell to Erin (Reel) [5x]  
  5. Boy in the Boat (Reel) [5x]
  6. Swinging On A Gate (Reel) [4x]  
  7. John Naughtons (Reel) [4x]
  8. Rakes of Mallow (Polka) [4x]
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