New Mown Meadow (Reel)

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All Reels in the key of Ador:

Followed By Suggestions

  1. Castle Kelly (Reel) [28x]  
  2. Maids of Mitchelstown, The (Reel) [23x]
  3. Hunter's Purse, The (Reel) [20x]  
  4. Wind that Shakes the Barley, The (Reel) [17x]  
  5. Farewell to Erin (Reel) [16x]  
  6. Silver Spear (Reel) [14x]  
  7. Old Copperplate, The (Reel) [13x]
  8. Gravel Walks, The (Reel) [10x]  
  9. Drowsy Maggie (Reel) [10x]  
  10. Banshee, The (Reel) [10x]  

Preceded By Suggestions

  1. Ships Are Sailing (Reel) [100x]
  2. Trip to Durrow (Reel) [22x]  
  3. Wind that Shakes the Barley, The (Reel) [16x]  
  4. Castle Kelly (Reel) [16x]  
  5. Cooley's Reel (Reel) [13x]  
  6. Julia Delaney's (Reel) [10x]  
  7. Brenda Stubbert's (Reel) [10x]
  8. Sailor's Hornpipe, The (Hornpipe) [10x]  
  9. Jessicas Polka (Polka) [9x]  
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