Rolling Waves, The (Jig)

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All Jigs in the key of D or G:

Followed By Suggestions

  1. Kerfunten Jig (Jig) [65x]  
  2. Out on the Ocean (Jig) [47x]  
  3. Scatter the Mud (Jig) [43x]  
  4. Humours of Trim (Jig) [28x]  
  5. Moon and Seven Stars, The (Jig) [23x]  
  6. Jimmy Ward's (Jig) [19x]  
  7. Market Town, The (Jig) [18x]
  8. I Buried My Wife and Danced on Top of Her (Jig) [17x]  
  9. Behind the Haystack (Jig) [15x]  

Preceded By Suggestions

  1. Humours of Trim (Jig) [142x]  
  2. Out on the Ocean (Jig) [32x]  
  3. Kerfunten Jig (Jig) [21x]  
  4. Rose in the Heather, The (Jig) [16x]  
  5. Jimmy Ward's (Jig) [11x]  
  6. Whinny Hills of Leitrim 2, The (D) (Slip Jig) [9x]
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