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Title Last Played Type Key Chords MP3
I Buried My Wife and Danced on Top of Her 2023-09-25 Jig D YouTube MP3
Humours of Ballyloughlin, The 2023-09-25 Jig G YouTube MP3
Tom Billy's 2023-09-25 Jig Ador
Kerfunten Jig 2023-09-25 Jig G YouTube MP3
Hag in the Churn, The 2023-09-25 Jig G YouTube MP3
Rose in the Heather, The 2023-09-25 Jig D
My Darling Asleep 2023-09-25 Jig D YouTube MP3
I looked East and I looked West 2023-09-25 Polka
Egan's Polka (The Kerry Polka?) 2023-09-25 Polka D YouTube MP3
Finnish Polka, The (Ievan's Polkka) 2023-09-25 Polka D YouTube MP3
Jessicas Polka 2023-09-25 Polka G YouTube MP3
Wise Maid, The 2023-09-25 Reel D
Maid Behind the Bar 2023-09-25 Reel D YouTube MP3
Banshee, The 2023-09-25 Reel G YouTube MP3
Sally Gardens, The 2023-09-25 Reel G YouTube MP3
Spootiskerry 2023-09-25 Reel G YouTube MP3
Swinging On A Gate 2023-09-25 Reel G YouTube MP3
Inis Oírr (Inisheer) 2023-09-25 Waltz G
Down by the Sally Gardens 2023-09-25 Reel D
March Of The Kings Of Laois 2023-09-25 Jig Dmix YouTube MP3
Rolling Waves, The 2023-09-25 Jig D YouTube MP3
Humours of Trim 2023-09-25 Jig D YouTube MP3
Mountain Road, The 2023-09-25 Reel D YouTube MP3
Silver Spear 2023-09-25 Reel D YouTube MP3
Boyne Hunt 2023-09-25 Reel D
Dunmore Lasses, The 2023-09-25 Reel G YouTube MP3
Cooley's Reel 2023-09-25 Reel G YouTube MP3
My Love Is in America 2023-09-25 Reel D
Castle Kelly 2023-09-25 Reel G YouTube MP3
Cup of Tea 2023-09-25 Reel D
Wind that Shakes the Barley, The 2023-09-25 Reel D YouTube MP3
Boys of Blue Hill 2023-09-25 Hornpipe D YouTube MP3
Home Ruler, The 2023-09-25 Hornpipe D
Caisleán An Óir 2023-09-25 Hornpipe G
Humours of Tullycrine (Bobby Casey's) 2023-09-25 Hornpipe G
Joe Banes 2023-09-25 Reel G
Rights of Man, The 2023-09-25 Hornpipe G YouTube MP3
Sack of Barley Hornpipe 2023-09-25 Hornpipe
Off to California 2023-09-25 Hornpipe G YouTube MP3
Fairys Hornpipe (Fairies Hornpipe) 2023-09-25 Hornpipe
Maids of Mitchelstown, The 2023-09-25 Reel Dmin
New Mown Meadow 2023-09-25 Reel Ador
Sligo Maid, The 2023-09-25 Reel G YouTube MP3
Butterfly, The 2023-09-25 Slip Jig D YouTube MP3
Willy Coleman's 2023-09-25 Jig G
Hardiman the Fiddler 2023-09-25 Slip Jig G YouTube MP3
Cook in the Kitchen 2023-09-25 Jig G
down the back lane 2023-09-25
Mist On The Mountain, The 2023-09-25 Jig G
Kid On The Mountain, The 2023-09-25 Slip Jig G YouTube MP3
Morrison's Jig 2023-09-25 Jig D YouTube MP3
Fraher's Jig 2023-09-25 Jig Dmix
Garrett Barry's - Jig 2023-09-25 Jig G YouTube MP3
Gander in the Pratie Hole 2023-09-25 Jig D
Moon and Seven Stars, The 2023-09-25 Jig D YouTube MP3
Moon Coin 2023-09-25 Jig D
Lark in the Morning 2023-09-25 Jig D YouTube MP3
Jimmy Ward's 2023-09-18 Jig D YouTube MP3
Peeler's Jacket, The (Flannel Jacket) 2023-09-18 Reel G YouTube MP3
Lafferty's Reel 2023-09-18 Reel Edor
Out on the Ocean 2023-09-18 Jig G YouTube MP3
Up in the Air 2023-09-18 Jig Bmin
Dawn, The 2023-09-18 Reel
Four Mile Stone 2023-09-18 Reel
Glen Cottage Polka (Green Cottage) 2023-09-18 Polka
Tolka Polka 2023-09-18 Polka Am YouTube MP3
Dusty Windowsills, The 2023-09-18 Jig G YouTube MP3
Galway Hornpipe 2023-09-18 Hornpipe
Chief O'Neils 2023-09-18 Hornpipe D
Kittys Wedding 2023-09-18 Hornpipe
Temperance 2023-09-18 Reel G YouTube MP3
Star Above the Garter 2023-09-18 Slide G
Snowy Path 2023-09-18 Slip Jig D
Tom Morrison's Reel 2023-09-18 Reel G
Bank of Ireland, The 2023-09-18 Reel D YouTube MP3
Within a Mile of Dublin 2023-09-18 Reel Dmix
Rakish Paddy (or The Deer’s Antlers) 2023-09-18 Reel Ador YouTube MP3
Mouth of the Tobique 2023-09-18 Reel G YouTube MP3
Willafjord 2023-09-18 Reel D YouTube MP3
Sleep Soond Ida Moarnin 2023-09-18 Reel D YouTube MP3
Fair Jenny's Jig 2023-09-18 Jig D
Father Kelly's 2023-09-18 Reel D YouTube MP3
Concertina Reel, The 2023-09-18 Reel D
Goat's Polka 2023-08-28 Polka
Charlie Harris 2023-08-28 Polka
Humours of Kiltyklogher (Kilclogher) 2023-08-28 Jig G YouTube MP3
Sporting Paddy 2023-08-28 Reel G YouTube MP3
Trip to Athlone, The 2023-08-28 Jig D
Munster Buttermilk (Boats of Killaloe) 2023-08-28 Jig Ador YouTube MP3
Fig for a Kiss, A 2023-08-28 Slip Jig Edor YouTube MP3
Lilting Banshee 2023-08-28 Jig G YouTube MP3
Wedding Reel 2023-08-28 Reel
Otter's Holt, The 2023-08-28 Reel D YouTube MP3
Earl's Chair, The 2023-08-28 Reel D YouTube MP3
Ships Are Sailing 2023-08-28 Reel Edor
Harvest Home 2023-08-28 Hornpipe D YouTube MP3
Pigeon on the Gate, The 2023-08-28 Reel D YouTube MP3
Morning Dew 2023-08-28 Reel Edor
Toss the Feathers No 1 2023-08-28 Reel D YouTube MP3
Gypsy Princess 2023-08-28 Barndance G
Market Town, The 2023-08-28 Jig A
Spotted Dog 2023-08-28 Jig
Tuttle's Reel 2023-08-28 Reel Ddor
Speed the Plough 2023-08-28 Reel
Merry Blacksmith, The 2023-08-28 Reel D YouTube MP3
Black Rogue, The 2023-08-28 Jig Amix
Milky Way 2023-08-28 Reel D
Trip to Durrow 2023-08-28 Reel D
Hunter's Purse, The 2023-08-28 Reel G
Old Favourite, The 2023-08-28 Jig G YouTube MP3
Ballydesmond No 1 2023-08-28 Polka G YouTube MP3
Ballydesmond No 2 2023-08-28 Polka G YouTube MP3
Ballydesmond No 3 2023-08-28 Polka G YouTube MP3
Tobin's Favourite 2023-08-28 Jig D YouTube MP3
Drowsy Maggie 2023-08-28 Reel D YouTube MP3
Collier's Reel 2023-08-28 Reel Dmix
Haste to the Wedding 2023-08-28 Jig D YouTube MP3
Nine Points of Roguery, The 2023-08-28 Reel D
Joy of My Life (Humours of Donnybrook Fair) 2023-08-28 Jig G YouTube MP3
Cliffs of Moher 2023-08-28 Jig Ador YouTube MP3
Tennessee Waltz 2023-08-25 Waltz G YouTube MP3
Put Your Little Foot 2023-08-25
Will You Come Home With Me 2023-08-25 Jig
Denis Murphy's Slide 2023-08-25 Slide D YouTube MP3
O'Keefe's Slide 2023-08-25 Slide G YouTube MP3
Merrily Kissed The Quakers Wife 2023-08-25 Slide G YouTube MP3
Drops of Brandy 2023-08-25 Slip Jig G YouTube MP3
Saint Anne's 2023-08-25 Reel D YouTube MP3
Crooked Road, The 2023-08-25 Reel G
Mrs McLeod of Rasay 2023-08-25 Reel G
Parnells March 2023-08-25 Jig
Reverend Brother's Jig, The 2023-08-25 Jig Ador
Rambling Pitchfork, The 2023-08-25 Jig D
Choice Wife, The (An Phis Fhliuch) 2023-08-25 Slip
Pipe on the Hob 2 (Minor 3 Part) 2023-08-25 Jig G YouTube MP3
Palm Sunday 2023-08-18 Slide Adorian YouTube MP3
Cordal Jig 2023-08-18 Jig
Pipe on the Hob 1 (Happy, 2-part) 2023-08-18 Jig G YouTube MP3
Patrick Scanlons 2023-08-18 Polka
Julia Delaney's 2023-08-18 Reel F YouTube MP3
Sarah's Jig 2023-08-18 Jig D
Traveller, The 2023-08-18 Reel
Swallowtail, The 2023-08-18 Jig G YouTube MP3
leitrim fancy 2023-08-18 Jig
Ballintore Fancy, The 2023-08-18 Reel G YouTube MP3
Gilbert Clancys Reel 2023-08-18 Reel
Brendan Tonra's Jig 2023-08-18 Jig D
Humours of Glendart (East at Glendart) 2023-08-18 Jig D YouTube MP3
Kesh Jig, The 2023-08-18 Jig G YouTube MP3
Si Bheag Si Mhor 2023-08-18 Waltz D YouTube MP3
Toss the Feathers No 2 2023-08-18 Reel D YouTube MP3
Lucy Campbells 2023-08-14 Reel D
Dick Gossip 2023-08-14 Reel
Man of the House, The 2023-08-14 Reel D
Lady on the Island, The 2023-08-14 Reel D
Scatter the Mud 2023-08-14 Jig G YouTube MP3
Humours of Whiskey 2023-08-14 Slip
Tarbolton Lodge 2023-08-14 Reel G YouTube MP3
Sailors Bonnet, The 2023-08-14 Reel D
Longford Collector, The 2023-08-14 Reel G
Elizabeth Kellys Delight 2023-08-14 Slip Jig D
Good Natured Man, The 2023-08-14 Hornpipe G
Maids of Mont Cisco (Kisco) 2023-08-14 Reel Ador
Over the Moore to Maggie 2023-08-14 Reel G
Blarney Pilgrim, The 2023-08-14 Jig D YouTube MP3
Drunken Landlady 2023-08-07 Reel D YouTube MP3
Jenny's Wedding 2023-08-07 Reel D YouTube MP3
Salamanca 2023-08-07 Reel D YouTube MP3
Plains of Boyle 2023-08-07 Hornpipe D
Cronin's 2023-08-07 Hornpipe G
Gravel Walks, The 2023-08-07 Reel G YouTube MP3
Sliabh Russel 2023-08-07 Jig
Crowley's 2023-08-07 Reel D
Crowley Reel 2 2023-08-07 Reel
Boy in the Gap 2023-08-07 Reel
Boy in the Boat 2023-08-07 Reel
An Buailteoir Aerach 2023-08-07
Enchanted Lady 2023-08-07 Reel D
Holy Land 2023-08-07 Reel D
Little Fair Cannavans (Na Ceannabhain Bhana) 2023-08-06 Slip Jig D YouTube MP3
Whinny Hills Of Leitrim 1, The (G) 2023-08-06 Slip Jig G YouTube MP3
Moll Roe 2023-08-06 Slip
Far Away Waltz 2023-08-06 Waltz D YouTube MP3
Sourgrass and Granite 2023-08-06 Waltz D YouTube MP3
Patty Ann 2023-08-06 March G YouTube MP3
Humours of Ballyconnell 2023-08-06 Reel D
Jackie Coleman's 2023-08-06 Reel D
Fermoy Lasses 2023-08-06 Reel G
Steampacket 2023-08-06 Reel
Farewell to Erin 2023-08-06 Reel Ador
George White's Favourite 2023-08-06 Reel G
Pay the Reckoning 2023-07-22 Jig G
Drag Her Across The Road 2023-07-22 Reel
Tripping Up the Stairs 2023-07-22 Jig D YouTube MP3
Battering Ram, The 2023-07-22 Jig D
Tell Her I Am (Humours of Ballymore) 2023-07-22 Jig
Down the Broom 2023-07-22 Reel Ador
Gatehouse Maid, The 2023-07-22 Reel G
Gallagher's Frolicks 2023-07-18 Jig Edor
Shandon Bells 2023-07-18 Jig D
sporting pitchfork 2023-07-18 Jig
Fairy Reel 2023-07-18
Frost is all over 2023-07-18 Jig
John McHugh's 2023-07-18 Jig G
Bill Malley's Barndance 2023-07-18 Barndance G
Last Night's Fun 2023-07-18 Reel D
Tenpenny Bit, The 2023-07-18 Jig G YouTube MP3
The Girl Who Broke My Heart 2023-07-18 Reel
Saddle the Pony 2023-07-15 Jig G YouTube MP3
Biddy Martins 2023-07-15 Polka
Ger the Rigger 2023-07-15 Polka
Behind the Haystack 2023-07-15 Jig D YouTube MP3
Road to Lisdoonvarna, The 2023-07-15 Slide D YouTube MP3
Britches Full of Stitches 2023-07-15 Polka D YouTube MP3
Mickey Chewing Bubblegum 2023-07-15 Polka A
John Ryan's 2023-07-15 Polka D YouTube MP3
Bonnie Kate 2023-07-15 Reel D
Jenny's Chickens 2023-07-15 Reel D
Old Hag You Have Killed Me 2023-07-11 Jig G YouTube MP3
Dinny Delaneys 2023-07-11 Slide
Mason's Apron, The 2023-07-11 Reel A
Sailing Into Walpole's Marsh 2023-07-11 Reel Ador
Peacock's Feathers, The 2023-07-11 Hornpipe G YouTube MP3
Bag of Spuds, The 2023-07-11 Reel Ador
Musical Priest, The 2023-07-11 Reel D YouTube MP3
Sweeneys Buttermilk 2023-07-11 Reel C
Brenda Stubbert's 2023-07-11 Reel Ador YouTube MP3
Jenny Picking Cockles 2023-07-11 Reel G
Old Copperplate, The 2023-07-11 Reel
Laurel Tree, The 2023-07-11 Reel G YouTube MP3
Tar Road to Sligo 2023-07-07 Jig D
Trip to Sligo 2023-07-07 Jig D YouTube MP3
Maid at the Spinning Wheel 2023-07-07 Jig G
Hag With the Purse 2023-07-07 Jig Dmix
Hag With the Money 2023-07-07 Jig Dmix
Throw Her Across the Road 2023-07-04 Reel
Star of the County Down 2023-07-04 Song G YouTube MP3
Sheehan's 2023-07-04 Reel G
Congress Reel 2023-07-04 Reel G YouTube MP3
Banish Misfortune 2023-06-25 Jig G YouTube MP3
Skylark, The 2023-06-25 Reel D
Humours of Tulla 2023-06-25 Reel G
Brosna Slide (Lonesome Road to Dingle) 2023-06-25 Slide G
Bill Harte's Jig 2023-06-25 Jig Dmix
Tabhair Dom Do Lamh (Give Me Your Hand) 2023-06-25 Waltz G YouTube MP3
Atholl Highlanders 2023-06-20 Jig A YouTube MP3
Monymusk 2023-06-20 Reel
Foxhunters, The Reel 2023-06-20 Reel G
Roaring Mary 2023-06-20 Reel D
Rolling in the Rye Grass 2023-06-20 Reel
Idir Deighric Agus Breo 2023-06-18 Waltz Amix
Paddy's Return From Glasgow 2023-06-17 Jig A
Cregg's Pipes 2023-06-17 Reel
Milliner's Daughter, The 2023-06-17 Reel G
Bucks of Oranmore, The 2023-06-17 Reel D
Lady Anne Montgomery 2023-06-17 Reel
Hunters House 2023-06-17 Reel G
Andy De Jarlis 2023-06-13 Jig E
Martin Wynne's 2023-06-13 Reel D
New Copperplate, The 2023-06-13 Reel G
Farrel O'Gara 2023-06-13 Reel D
Dingle Regatta, The 2023-06-13 Slide D
Templehouse Reel, The 2023-06-13 Reel Edor
Kittie Lie Over 2023-06-13 Jig D YouTube MP3
Fairy Dance, The 2023-06-09 Reel D YouTube MP3
Irish Washer Woman 2023-06-09 Jig G YouTube MP3
Scholar, The 2023-06-06 Reel D
Old Bush, The 2023-06-06 Reel Dmix
Sailor on the Rock 2023-06-06 Reel D
Broken Pledge, The 2023-06-06 Reel Ddor
Killavil Reel 2023-06-06 Reel
Lads of Laois, The 2023-06-06 Reel D
Dusty Miller 2023-05-29 Slip Jig G YouTube MP3
Frank's Reel 2023-05-29 Reel G
Castle, The (Sean Ryan's Jig) 2023-05-29 Jig C YouTube MP3
Con Cassidy's 2023-05-23 Jig G YouTube MP3
Apples in Winter 2023-05-23 Jig D YouTube MP3
Flowers of Edinburgh 2023-05-15 Reel G YouTube MP3
Sean Bui 2023-05-15 Jig D
Whinny Hills of Leitrim 2, The (D) 2023-05-01 Slip Jig D YouTube MP3
Man from Bundoran 2023-04-24 Reel
Kilfenora 2 2023-04-24 Jig D
Shaskeen Reel 2023-04-24 Reel
Fanny Power (Fanny Poer) 2023-04-16 Jig D YouTube MP3
Eleanor Plunkett 2023-04-16 Waltz
Money in Both Pockets 2023-04-16 Reel D
Saint Kilda Wedding 2023-03-03 Reel G
Knockdu 2023-03-03 Reel Amin
Farewell to Whiskey 2023-03-03 Polka G
Far From Home 2023-03-03
Old Grey Cat 2023-03-03 Reel D YouTube MP3
Raivlin Reel, The 2023-03-03 Reel D
Appropriate Dipstick, The 2023-03-03 Reel D
High Drive, The 2023-03-03 Reel D
250 To Vigo 2023-03-03 Reel D
Staten Island Hornpipe 2023-03-03 Hornpipe G
Evit Gabriel 2023-03-03 Reel G
Road to Lisdoonvarna Reel 2023-03-03 Reel
Dark Island, The 2023-03-03 Waltz G
Chicago Reel 2023-02-05 Reel G
Maggie Browns Favourite 2023-02-05 Jig G
Captain McGuire 2023-02-05 Waltz
New Rigged Ship, Da 2023-02-05 Strathspey Ador YouTube MP3
Doctor O'Neal's 2023-01-29 Jig D
Jenny's Welcome to Charlie 2023-01-29 Reel C
Ballinafad Reel 2023-01-29 Reel
Matt Molloy's Favourite 2023-01-22 Reel D
Green Groves of Erin, The 2023-01-22 Reel Amix
Connaughtman's Rambles, The 2023-01-22 Jig D YouTube MP3
Christmas Eve (Tommy Coen's) 2023-01-22 Reel G
Hawthorne Hedge 2023-01-22 Jig D
Gooseberry Bush, The 2023-01-22 Reel D
Tam Lin (The Glasgow) 2023-01-22 Reel Am YouTube MP3
Sonny's Mazurka 2023-01-22 Mazurka D
Planxty Hewlett 2023-01-22 Waltz
Lady of the Lake 2023-01-15 Reel
Wedding, The - Jig 2023-01-15 Jig
After The Battle Of Aughrim 2023-01-15 Polka G
Hungry Rock 2023-01-15 Jig
Teatotallers Fancy 2023-01-08 Reel G
Humours of Ballinafauna 2022-12-18 Jig Ador YouTube MP3
Peeler and the Goat 2022-12-14 Jig Ador
Jump at the Sun 2022-12-04 Jig
Star Of Munster, The 2022-12-04 Reel G YouTube MP3
Reconcilliation, The 2022-12-04 Reel A
Bright Hollow Fog 2022-10-23 Strathspey
Kilmaley, The 2022-10-23 Reel G
Woman of the House 2022-10-23 Reel G
Molly Ban (Fair Haired Molly) 2022-10-16 Reel
Brian Boru's March 2022-10-16 March D YouTube MP3
John Kelly's College Groves 2022-10-16 Reel D
Timmy Cliffords 2022-10-09 Jig G
Planxty Irwin 2022-10-02 Jig G YouTube MP3
Maghera Mountain 2022-10-02 Reel G
Paddy Canny's Toast 2022-10-02 Reel Gdor
Ashokan Farewell 2022-10-02 Waltz
Jerry Beavers Hat 2022-09-18 Jig
Campbell's Farewell to Redcastle 2022-09-18 Reel D
Scollay's Reel (Scully's) 2022-09-11 Reel Em YouTube MP3
Lord Inchiquin 2022-09-11 Waltz
Mouse in the Cupboard 2022-09-11 Jig G YouTube MP3
Mouse in the Kitchen 2022-09-11 Jig
Golden Keyboard 2022-09-11 Reel D
Fisher's Hornpipe, The 2022-08-28 Hornpipe D
Old French 2022-08-28 Reel
Killavil, The 2022-08-21 Jig G YouTube MP3
Tony Rowes 2022-08-21 Jig
Garry Owens (Gary Owens) 2022-08-21 Jig
Doctor Gilbert's 2022-08-21 Reel G YouTube MP3
Jackson's Reel 2022-08-21 Reel Edor
Shores of Loch Gowan 2022-08-14 Jig
Whiskey Before Breakfast 2022-08-14 Reel D YouTube MP3
Red Haired Lass, The 2022-08-14 Reel G
Bottom of the Punch Bowl 2022-08-07 Reel
Saint Joseph, Reel du (Bellechasse) 2022-08-07 Reel D YouTube MP3
Fairheaded Mary 2022-08-07 Reel
Dublin Reel 2022-08-07 Reel
Boys Of Ballisodare 2022-07-24 Reel G
Pinch of Snuff, The 2022-07-24 Reel D YouTube MP3
Calliope House 2022-07-24 Jig D YouTube MP3
Danse Breton 2022-07-24 Reel
Ton Double Gavotte 2022-07-24 Slide
Lord Mayo 2022-07-24 Polka G
Bunch of Keys (Farewell to Milltown) 2022-07-24 Reel
New Policeman (Belles Of Tipperary) 2022-07-24 Reel
Sleeping Tune, The 2022-07-24 Reel
Crested Hens 2022-07-24 Waltz D
Music in the Glen 2022-07-24 Reel G
Humours of Scariff 2022-07-24 Reel D
Beare Island Reel, The 2022-07-17 Reel Edor
Red Crow 2022-07-17 Reel
Conspiracy 2022-07-10 Reel G
White Petticoat 2022-07-10 Jig G
Hunting the Hare 2022-07-03 Slip Jig D
Arran Boat 2022-07-03 Jig D YouTube MP3
Skye Boat 2022-07-03 Waltz G YouTube MP3
Eagles Whistle 2022-07-03 Waltz
Banks of Lough Gowna 2022-06-19 Jig Em
Punters Graveyard 2022-06-19 Reel
Windmill, The 2022-06-19 Reel
Rocky Road to Dublin 2022-06-19 Slip
Miss Thomsens 2022-06-19 Hornpipe
Providence Reel 2022-06-12 Reel
Willie Davie 2022-06-12 Reel A
Holly Bush, The 2022-06-05 Reel Dmix
King of the Pipers 2022-06-05 Jig Ador
Full Rigged Ship, The 2022-06-05 Jig Amin YouTube MP3
Fionnghuala 2022-05-23 Reel
Maid of Coolmore, The 2022-05-23 Reel
Sixteen Come Next Sunday 2022-05-23 Slide
Summer Will Come (tiochfaidh an Samrhadh) 2022-05-23 Song
Kerry Jig, The 2022-05-23 Slide
Michael Gormans 2022-05-23 Slip
Cunla (The Frieze Breeches) 2022-05-23 Jig D
Calum Sgaire 2022-05-23 Waltz
Rosie Finn's Favourite 2022-05-23 Slide G
Billy Brockers 2022-05-23 Reel
Humours of Loughrea, The 2022-05-23 Reel
Sunset Reel 2022-05-22 Reel D
Miss Thornton's 2022-05-22 Reel G
Bill Sullivan Polka 2022-05-22 Polka A YouTube MP3
Scotch Mary 2022-05-22 Reel
Highlanders Farewell 2022-05-22 Strathspey
Strayaway Child 2022-05-15 Jig
An Paistin Fionn 2022-05-15 Hornpipe Edor
Helvic Head 2022-05-15 Jig
Connie O'Connell's Jig 2022-05-15 Jig G
Man from Troghan 2022-05-15 Hornpipe
Glen Road to Carrick 2022-05-15 Reel
Seamus Ennis' Jig 2022-05-08 Jig D
Bill the Weaver slide 2022-05-01 Slide
Caribou Reel 2022-05-01 Reel D YouTube MP3
Blackbird 2022-05-01 Hornpipe D
Glen of Aherlow 2022-04-24 Reel
Green Mountain 2022-04-24 Reel D
Saint Antoine, Reel du 2022-04-24 Reel A YouTube MP3
Roscommon Reel, The 2022-04-24 Reel D
Visit to Ireland, A 2022-04-24 Jig
Strop the Razor 2022-04-15 Jig
Bobby Casey's Reel 2022-04-15 Reel
Bunker Hill 2022-04-15 Reel Dmix
Farewell to Craigie Dhu 2022-04-15 Barndance
Jamie Allen 2022-04-14 Polka
Bouchards 2022-04-14 Jig
Mug of Brown Ale, The 2022-04-14 Jig G
Paddys Leather Breeches 2022-04-14 Jig
Porter Bay 2022-04-14 Reel
Tap Room 2022-04-10 Reel
Tommy People's 2022-04-10 Reel G
Too Young to Marry (My Love She's But a Lassie Yet) 2022-04-03 Polka D YouTube MP3
Across the Road 2022-04-03 Slide D
Cherish the Ladies 2022-04-03 Jig
Fine Toast to Hewlett 2022-03-20 Waltz
Give Us a Drink of Water 2022-03-20 Slip
Hand Me Down the Tackle 2022-03-20 Reel D
Emilys Reel 2022-03-13 Reel D
Girl From the Big House 2022-03-13 Jig
Garrett Barry's - Reel 2022-03-06 Reel G
Redicans Mother 2022-03-06 Slip D
Creel of Turf 2022-02-27 Jig
Duke of Leinster, The 2022-02-27 Reel G
John Naughtons 2022-02-27 Reel G
Boys of Malin 2022-02-27 Reel D
O'Rourkes 2022-02-27 Reel Amix
High Reel 2022-02-20 Reel Amix
Huey Shortys Reel (?) 2022-02-20
Ramnee Ceilidh 2022-02-20 Reel
MacArthur Road 2022-02-20 Reel E YouTube MP3
Four Courts 2022-02-20 Reel
Music for a Found Harmonium 2022-02-20 Reel D
Roaring Barmaid, The 2022-02-13 Jig G
Cathal McConnell's (Cock and the Hen) 2022-02-13 Slip A
Rakes of Mallow 2022-02-13 Polka
Hardimans Fancy 2022-02-13 Jig
Rodneys Glory 2022-02-13 Hornpipe
Galway Shawl, The 2022-02-13 Reel
Devils Toenail 2022-01-30 Hornpipe
New Hands 2022-01-30 Jig Em
Last House in Connaught, The 2022-01-16 Reel Dmix
Belfast Hornpipe 2022-01-16 Hornpipe
Maggie's Pancakes 2022-01-16 Reel D
Tatter Jack Walsh 2022-01-16 Jig
Flogging, The 2022-01-16 Reel G
Foxhunter, The Slip Jig 2022-01-09 Slip Jig D
Fox Hunter 2022-01-02 Reel G YouTube MP3
Paddy Fahys Reel 2022-01-02 Reel
Dairy Maid 2021-12-26 Reel D
Scotland the Brave 2021-12-26 March
Orphan Jig 2021-12-19 Jig G
Dancing Bear 2021-12-19 Reel Emin YouTube MP3
Maid in the Meadow, The 2021-11-07 Jig G YouTube MP3
Geese in the Bog 2021-11-07 Jig D
Dever the Dancer 2021-11-07 Slip Jig Em YouTube MP3
Ride a Mile 2021-11-07 Slip
Little Diamond, The - Polka 2021-10-31 Polka D YouTube MP3
The Trip We Took Over the Mountain 2021-10-31 Waltz
Dan Collin's Father's 2021-10-31 Jig D
Gold Ring 2021-10-31 Jig G
Come West Along the Road 2021-10-31 Reel G
Miss MacDermott 2021-10-27 Polka
Glen Cottage (Denis Doody's Polka) 2021-10-24 Polka G YouTube MP3
Mountains of Pomeroy 2021-10-17 Barndance
Peg Ryan's Polka (Mrs Ryan's Polka) 2021-10-11 Polka G YouTube MP3
Rattlin' Bog, The 2021-10-10 Song D
Captain Bings 2021-10-10 Polka
Denis Murphys Polka 2021-09-23 Polka
Frog in the Well 2021-09-05 Jig
Gregs Pipes 2021-07-25 Reel
Some Say the Devil is Dead 2021-07-11 March
Keel Row 2021-07-11 Polka
Munster Cloak 2021-07-11 Waltz
Planxty John Kelly 2021-07-11 Reel G
Duncan Davidson 2021-04-27 Strathspey D
Smash the Windows 2021-04-27 Jig D YouTube MP3
Snug in the Blanket 2021-04-27 Jig G YouTube MP3
La Grand Chaine 2021-04-27 Reel G
Forest Wedding 2021-04-27 Jig
I Am Not Fed Up with the Pacific Ocean 2021-04-27 Reel
Saratoga Hornpipe 2021-04-27 Hornpipe
Scarce o Tatties 2021-04-27 Jig
Michaels Mazurka 2021-04-27 Mazurka
Fingal's Cave 2021-04-27 Strathspey D YouTube MP3
Condons Frolics 2020-09-26 Jig
First Light 2020-05-13 Strathspey D YouTube MP3
Mrs McGhee 2020-05-13 Jig Gmix
Your Gentle Touch 2020-05-07 Waltz G
Devil in the Kitchen, The 2020-04-28 Strathspey D
John McGinley's 2020-04-28 Reel Ador
Con McGinleys Highland 2020-04-28 Strathspey
Kiss in the Furze (Rakes of Westmeath) 2020-04-24 Slip Jig D YouTube MP3
Ye'll no' Ca' in by Yon Toun 2020-04-13 Reel A
Separation of Soul and Body 2020-04-05 Reel Bb YouTube MP3
Morgan Magan 2020-03-30 Reel G
Stool of Repentance 2020-03-25 Jig A YouTube MP3
Sailor's Hornpipe, The 2020-03-25 Hornpipe G YouTube MP3
Soldier's Joy 2020-03-25 Hornpipe D YouTube MP3
Red Haired Boy, The 2020-03-25 Reel Amix
Road to Batoche 2020-03-25 Barndance D YouTube MP3
Road ta Houll, Da 2020-03-25 Reel D YouTube MP3
Growling Old Man and Grumbling Old Woman 2020-03-25 Reel G YouTube MP3
Ash Grove, The 2020-03-25 Song G
Foggy Dew 2020-03-25 Song D
O'Carolan's Concerto 2020-03-25 Reel D
Langstrom's Pony 2020-03-25 Jig D YouTube MP3
Quiet Man, The 2020-03-25 Strathspey Dmin
Brian O Lynn 2020-03-15 Jig
Sean Sa Cheo (Sean Ca Ceo) 2020-03-15 Reel Ador
Trip to Birmingham, The 2020-03-15 Reel G
Sport 2020-03-15 Jig D
Luck Penny 2020-03-15 Jig
Hold the Reins 2020-03-15 Reel G
Up and About in the Morning 2020-03-15 Jig
Bill Spence's Hing 2020-03-15 Hornpipe G
Lord Gordon's Reel 2020-03-08 Reel D
Citi Na gCumann 2020-03-06 Waltz C YouTube MP3
Cadair Idris 2020-03-01 Waltz D YouTube MP3
Red House of Cardiff 2020-03-01 Reel
Welcome the Bee 2020-03-01 Waltz C
Independence Trail 2020-03-01 Slide
Stella's Trip to Kamloops 2020-03-01 Strathspey G
Jenny Lind Polka 2020-03-01 Polka D
Bonnie Dundee 2020-03-01 Jig G
Good Humored and Fairly Tipsy 2020-03-01 Jig
Men of Pen-Dref 2020-03-01 Jig G
Saint Patrick's Day 2020-03-01 Jig G YouTube MP3
My Own House Waltz 2020-03-01 Waltz
Campbell River Jig 2020-03-01 Jig
Wi a Hundred Pipers 2020-03-01 Jig D
Road to Houll, Da 2020-03-01 Reel D
Danny Boy 2020-03-01 Reel
Rakes of Kildare, The 2020-02-16 Jig G
Return from Fingal 2020-02-09 March Fdor
Bunch of Green Rushes, The 2020-02-09 Reel Dmix
Up to Your Knees in Sand 2020-01-19 Reel G
Dancing Eyes 2020-01-12 Jig
Johnny Mickeys Polka 2020-01-09 Polka
Magic Slip Polka 2020-01-09 Polka
Monahan, The Jig 2020-01-09 Jig
Cam Ye Oer Frae France 2020-01-06 ThreeTwo D YouTube MP3
Happy Traveler, The 2020-01-05 Slip Jig C
Knotted Cord, The 2020-01-05 Reel G
Haunted House 2020-01-05 Jig
Winnie Hayes's Jig 2020-01-05 Jig Ador
Yellow John 2019-12-29 Jig
Boys of the Lough, The 2019-12-23 Reel D
Devils of Dublin 2019-12-23 Reel
Reel With the Birl,The 2019-12-23 Reel Edor
Comb Your Hair and Curl It 2019-12-23 Slip Jig D
Maid in the Cherry Tree 2019-12-23 Reel
Petticoat Loose 2019-12-23 Jig
Navvy on the Line 2019-12-23 Hornpipe
Dublin Porter 2019-12-23 Reel
Roosky Polka 2019-12-23 Polka D
Ballinafad Polka 2019-12-23 Polka G
Tinker's Stick, The 2019-12-23 Reel G
Sunny Banks 2019-12-23 Reel D
Virginia, The 2019-12-23 Reel D
Mrs Galvins 2019-12-23 Jig A
Legacy Jig, The 2019-12-23 Jig G
An Buachaill Dreoite Hornpipe 2019-12-23 Hornpipe G
An Buachaill Dreoite Jig 2019-12-23 Jig G
O'Sullivan's March 2019-12-23 Jig G
If I Had a Wife 2019-12-23 Slide G
Dawley's Delight 2019-12-23 Slide D
Tie the Ribbons 2019-12-23 Reel Edor
Guiry's Favorite 2019-12-23 Reel
Jack Coens Jig 2019-12-23 Jig G
Pullet that Wants the Cock 2019-12-23 Jig D
Mary Brennan's Favourite 2019-12-23 Polka G
Follow Me Down to Carlow 2019-12-23 Reel G
Fowler on the Moor 2019-12-23 Hornpipe G
Larkin's Beehives 2019-12-23 Reel G
Dash to Portobello, The 2019-12-23 Reel D
Seanbhean Na gCartai 2019-12-15 Reel D
Catharsis 2019-12-15 Reel G
O'Carolan's Fancy 2019-12-15 Jig D
MacIntyres Fancy 2019-12-15 Jig
Wallop the Cat From the Table 2019-12-15 Slip Jig G
Soggy's 2019-12-15 Slip Jig A
Bundle and Go 2019-12-15 Jig G
Humours of Lisheen 2019-12-08 Jig G
Bird in the Bush 2019-12-08 Reel G
Faremore Lasses (Lass of Carracastle?) 2019-12-08 Reel D
Maudabawn Chapel 2019-12-08 Reel G
Song of the Chanter 2019-11-25 Polka Dmix
Tom Sullivans 2019-11-14 Polka
Newmarket Polka 2019-11-14 Polka
Greencastle Hornpipe 2019-11-10 Hornpipe D
Drunken Tinker 2019-11-10 Reel D
Burnt Old Man 2019-11-03 Jig G
Possum Up a Gump Stump 2019-11-03 Reel G
Murray River, The 2019-11-03 Jig G
Andre a Toto 2019-11-03 Reel G
Bennachie Sunrise 2019-11-03 Reel A YouTube MP3
Dermot Grogan's 2019-11-03 Jig D
Crabs in the Skillet 2019-11-03 Jig G
Orevalsen 2019-11-03
Charlie Hunter 2019-10-27 Jig D YouTube MP3
Robins Nest, The 2019-10-27 Jig C
Kiss the Maid Behind the Barrel 2019-10-20 Reel G
Flax in Bloom, The 2019-10-06 Reel D
Walls of Liscarroll, The 2019-10-01 Jig D YouTube MP3
Seanamhach Tube Station 2019-10-01 Jig G
Strike the Gay Harp 2019-09-15 Jig D
Peggy MacDougalls 2019-08-25 Jig G
Bus Stop Reel 2019-08-25 Reel Am
Miss Monaghan 2019-08-25 Reel D
Jenny Nettles 2019-08-11 Reel G
Crosses of Annagh 2019-08-04 Reel G
Dogs Among the Bushes, The 2019-08-04 Reel G
Glencolumbcille 2019-08-04 Reel D
Rookerie 2019-08-04 Reel G
Mayor Harrison's Fedora 2019-07-07 Reel D
Bill Harte's Reel 2019-07-07 Reel G
Michael Kennedy's 2019-07-07 Reel C
King of the Fairies 2019-06-23 Hornpipe Edor
Kitty Goes a Milking 2019-06-02 Reel G
Farewell to Milltown Malbay 2019-05-26 Reel G
Paddy Fahy's Jigs 2019-05-26 Jig Gdor
Green Tea Hornpipe 2019-04-21 Hornpipe G
Old Man Dillon 2019-04-21 Jig G
Will You Come Down to Limerick 2019-04-21 Slip Jig G
Humours of Derrycrossane 2019-04-21 Slip Jig G
Sonny Murray's Hornpipe 2019-04-21 Hornpipe D
Planxty George Brabizon 2019-04-21 Reel G
Silver Spire, The 2019-04-14 Reel D
Contentment is Wealth 2019-04-07 Jig D
Yellow Wattle, The 2019-04-07 Jig G
Flowers of Spring, The 2019-04-07 Jig C
Jug of Punch 2019-03-17 Reel Ddor
Sergeant Early's Dream 2019-03-17 Reel G
Sligo Creek 2019-03-17 Reel A
Indian Point 2019-03-17 Jig G
Paddy on the Landfill 2019-03-17 Reel Gmin
Planxty Drew 2019-03-16 Jig F
Wheels of the World 2019-03-03 Reel Dmix
Londubh agus an céirseach, An 2019-03-03 Hornpipe Dmix
Sean Frank Reels 2019-02-10 Reel Edor
Maho Snaps, The 2019-02-08 Jig G YouTube MP3
Wallop the Potlid 2019-02-08 Jig G
Rosewood 2019-02-08 Jig G
Chanter's Song, The 2019-02-08 Polka G
Dawning of the Day 2019-02-08 Barndance D
Mairi's Wedding 2019-02-08 Polka D
Minstrel Boy 2019-02-08 Strathspey G
Four Pound Cheque, The 2019-02-08 Polka D
Maggie in the Woods 2019-02-08 Polka G
Spanish Lady 2019-02-08 Polka A
Many a Wild Night 2019-02-08 Polka G
John Walshs Polka 2019-02-08 Polka G
Daly's Mill 2019-02-08 Polka A
Job of Journeywork 2019-02-08 Hornpipe D
Three Sea Captains, The 2019-02-08 Jig G
Tommy Bhetty`s Waltz 2019-02-08 Waltz G
Dinky Dorian's 2019-02-07 Reel D
Glass Island 2019-02-07 Reel G
Paddy on the Turnpike 2019-02-07 Reel G
Trim the Velvet 2019-02-07 Reel G
Dowd's Favourite 2019-02-07 Reel Gdor
Tom Ward's Downfall 2019-02-07 Reel C
Fisherman's Island 2019-02-07 Reel D
Imelda Roland's 2019-02-07 Reel D
Greig's Pipes 2019-02-07 Reel G
Lad O' Beirne's 2019-02-07 Reel G
Larry Redican's Bow 2019-02-07 Reel D
Nightingale, The 2019-02-07 Jig G
Famous Reel of Ballymote, The 2019-02-07 Reel G
Woodchoppers Ball 2019-02-07 Reel D
President Garfield's 2019-02-07 Hornpipe A
Blackthorn Stick, The 2019-02-07 Jig A
Coleraine 2019-02-07 Jig C YouTube MP3
Father O'Flynn 2019-02-07 Jig D
Humours of Enistymon (Coppers and Brass) 2019-02-07 Jig G
Jig of Slurs, The 2019-02-07 Jig G
Kinnegard Slashers, The 2019-02-07 Jig D
Lannigan's Ball 2019-02-07 Jig G
Mucking O' Geordie's Byre, The 2019-02-07 Jig D
Ship in Full Sail 2019-02-07 Jig G
Road to Coolea, The 2019-02-07 Jig D
Cats Meow 2019-02-07 Jig D
Hearty Boys of Ballymote 2019-02-07 Jig G
Reel Dionne 2019-02-07 Reel D
Johsefin's Dopvals 2019-02-07 Waltz D
Devils Dream 2019-02-07 Reel Edor
Humours of Castle Bernart 2019-01-20 Hornpipe D
Exile of Erin, The 2019-01-13 Reel Dmix
Oak Tree 2019-01-06 Reel D
Curragh Races 2019-01-06 Reel Ador
Sailor's Wife (New Shields) 2019-01-06 Jig G
Over the Hill 2018-12-23 Reel G
Over the Water to Charlie 2018-12-16 Jig G
Thrush in the Morning, The 2018-12-09 Reel D
Cross of Inverness, The 2018-11-29 Reel G
Easy Club Reel, The 2018-11-29 Reel A
Carnival Reel, The (?) 2018-11-29 D
Back Road to Enumclaw, The 2018-11-29 D
Pipe Major Donald MacLean of Lewis 2018-11-29 Jig Ador
John D Burgess 2018-11-29 Jig D
MacPhersons Rant 2018-11-29 Barndance Dmix
MacPhersons Farewell 2018-11-29 Barndance Dmix
Boreraig Osprey, The 2018-11-29 Polka G
Ale is Dear, The 2018-11-29 Reel Bmin
College of Piping Summerside PEI (?) 2018-11-29
Maxwells Bonnet 2018-11-29 Hornpipe D
Inverinate House 2018-11-29 Reel G
Cutting Bracken 2018-11-29 Strathspey Amin
Stumpie 2018-11-29 Strathspey A
Joyce's Jig 2018-11-29 Jig D
Kisses From Maisie (?) 2018-11-29
Little Red Ford, The (?) 2018-11-29
Dance Piper, The (?) 2018-11-29
Mrs Jamiesons Favourite 2018-11-29 Waltz A
House on Summit Road, The (?) 2018-11-29
Almost There 2018-11-29 Reel Bmin
Night Drive on Five (?) 2018-11-29
Deil's Awa Wi' The Exciseman, The 2018-11-29
My Wifes a Wanton Wee Thing 2018-11-29 Jig D
After the Dance 2018-11-29 Ador
Mountain Bluebird, The (?) 2018-11-29
Johnny Cope 2018-11-29 Hornpipe Ador
Mill, Mill, O, The 2018-11-29 Barndance D
Haining, The (?) 2018-11-29
Bonnie Anne 2018-11-29 Reel G
Ms Rose (?) 2018-11-29
Out of Bounds (?) 2018-11-29
Wull Broons Strathspey 2018-11-29 Amin
Falls of Shin, The 2018-11-29 Reel Amix
John Keith Laing 2018-11-29 Reel A
Mrs MacPherson of Inveran 2018-11-29 Reel D
Road Ahead, The 2018-11-29 Reel D
Loch Leven Castle 2018-11-29 Hornpipe Ador
Cullen House 2018-11-29 Jig F
Forfar Hunt, The 2018-11-29 Reel Bdor
Aughacashel, The 2018-11-29 Reel G
Boc Liath Nan Gobhar (The Further The Deeper) 2018-11-29 Jig Ador
He's O'er the Hills That I Lo'e Weel 2018-11-29 Jig Edor
Heights of Dargai, The 2018-11-29 Slip Jig D
Battle of the Somme, The 2018-11-29 Slip Jig D
Lochanside 2018-11-29 Waltz D
Mull of the Mountains 2018-11-29 Waltz D
Weaver and His Wife, The 2018-11-29 Slide G
Naomi's Jig (?) 2018-11-29 Jig
Lemonville 2018-11-29 Jig D
Cailleach Beinn a Bhric (An T'Seann Cailleach?) 2018-11-29 Reel Ador
Barren Rocks of Aden, The 2018-11-29 Polka D
Tommy Coen's Reel 2018-11-25 Reel Gmix
Red Wing (?) 2018-11-11
Arkansas Traveler 2018-11-11
Blackberry Blossoms 2018-11-11
Kitchen Girl 2018-11-11 Reel D
Spokane Waltz 2018-11-11 Bmin
Morning Star 2018-11-11 Reel D
Cameronian, The 2018-11-10 Reel D
Corn Rigs 2018-11-10 Barndance D
Bulgarian Red 2018-11-10 Reel Amin
Staten Island Reel 2018-11-10
Home With the Girls (?) 2018-11-10
Round the Horn 2018-11-10 Reel G
Over the Waterfall 2018-11-10 Reel D
Scully Casey's 2018-11-10 Jig Ador
Gale, The 2018-11-10 Reel Am
Wizard's Walk, The 2018-11-10 Reel Emin
Leaving Friday Harbor 2018-10-15 Waltz D
Lass O' Patie's Mill 2018-10-15 Reel D
Trettondedags Marschen 2018-10-15 Reel A
Road to Banff, The 2018-10-15 Jig D
Famous Baxavan, The 2018-10-15
All The Rage 2018-10-15 Jig E
Hole in the Hedge, The 2018-09-23 Jig C
Fields of Athenry, The 2013-12-10 Song F
Black Velvet Band 2013-11-26 D
Across the Western Ocean Song D YouTube MP3
All For Me Grog Song G
Ambrose Moloney's Reel Reel G
Amelia's Waltz Waltz D YouTube MP3
Anderson's Reel D
Anthony Frawley's Jig G
Baltimore Salute, The Reel G
Beara Minstrel, The Reel D
Bedlam Boys Song D YouTube MP3
Belle Catherine, La Reel A
Bill McEvoy's Reel Gmix
Blackberry Festival Footrace Jig Dm^c
Bloom of Youth, The Reel G
Bonnie Ship the Diamond Song C
Bothar Na Sop Reel G
Bow-Legged Bosun, The Reel A
Boys from the County Cork Song D
Boys of Ballysadare Reel
Broad Black Brimmer Song D
Brown Coffin, The Hornpipe Emin
Cabin Hunter, The Reel Edor
Cavers of Kirkcudbright Jig Dm
Chattering Magpie, The Reel G
Cherry Tree
Coilsfield House Strathspey G
Come Out, Ye Black and Tans Song C
Confluence John Illingworth, The
Contradiction, The Reel A
Cormac o Beaglaioch (?)
Courtin in the Kitchen Song C
Donald Cameron's Polka Polka G
Drunken Piper, The Reel D YouTube MP3
Drunken Sailor Song G
Eileen Curran Reel Gdor
Emmigrant Jig, The Slip Jig Edor
Fair Bird (Y Deryn Pur) Waltz G YouTube MP3
Father O'Grady's Visit to Bocca Reel D
Feeding the Birds Reel G
Flowing Bowl, The Reel D YouTube MP3
Fly-Fishing Reel, The Reel A
Forbes Morrison Strathspey A
Froggie on the Carport Reel A
Garster's Dream Jig G
Gillian's Apples Jig D
Gladstone, The Reel A
Grace Hay's Delight Jig G
Grasshopper Sittin on a Sweet Potato Vine Reel D
Greenwood Side Polka Bm
Haymaker, The Jig G
High Road to Linton Reel A
Hills of Connemara, The Song D YouTube MP3
Hut in the Bog, The Reel Emin
Hut on Staffin Island Hornpipe D
I'll Tell Me Ma Song G
I'm Waiting For You Reel G
Ingonish Jig D YouTube MP3
Islay Rant Reel G
Jack Daniels Reel A
James Byrnes Reel D
Joe Derrane's Jig Bmin
John Bradys Jig Edor
John Burke's Reel Reel Ddor
John Doherty's Reel Ador
John Roy Stewart Strathspey F
Johnny Jump Up Song Dm
Killoran's Reel Reel D
Launching of the Boat Reel D
Lime Hill Strathspey A
Little Donald in the Pigpen Reel D
Lowland Lads Think They Are Fine, The D
Machine Without Horses, The Strathspey
Marino Waltz G
McGreevy's Favourite Reel Ddor
McPhaedran's Strathspey Strathspey
Mermaid, The Song C
Merry Days of Easter Reel G
Mickey Callaghan's Slide Jig D
Miss Gunning's Rant (The Contradiction) Reel A
Miss Patterson's Slippers Reel Edor
Misty Moisty Morning Song D
Mortgage Burn Reel A YouTube MP3
Mother and Child (The Yellow Cow) Reel D YouTube MP3
Mr Glavin's (?)
Mrs Crotty's Christening Reel D
Mrs. Oswald of Auchincruive's Favorite Reel (Jig) Jig G
Mullingar Races, The Reel D
New Potato Polka Polka Dm
Ni Fios Reel Dmix
Nine Pint Coggie Reel G
Old Peter Street Reel A
Old Torn Petticoat, The Reel Ador
On the Fiddle
One Horned Sheep Jig G
One That Was Last Reel D
Opera Reel Reel D
Orange and Blue Strathspey G
Paddy Breen's Jig G
Paddy on the Handcar Reel Ador
Paddy's Resource Jig G
Paper of Pins Song G
Peat Fire Flame Reel Dmin
Peter's Peerie Boat Jig D
Piper o' Dundee, The Strathspey Ador
Poor But Happy at 53 (aka Michael Tennyson's) Reel G
Pretty Peg Reel D
Red Box, The Reel Dmix
Red is the Rose Song F
Red Stripe (By Marrilee Schulz) (?) G
Rising of the Moon Song F
Road To Mount Tinnie Run, The Jig Am
Rob Fraser's Welcome to San Francisco
Rolling Down the Hill Jig G
Rolling in the Barrell Reel Ador
Rowsome's Reel G
Saucy Sailor Song D
Shoemaker's Daughter, The Reel G
South Australia Song C YouTube MP3
South Wind, The Waltz G
Spike Island Lasses, The Reel D
Splendid Isolation Reel Gdor
Stan Chapman Jig A
Steamboat, The Jig A
Step a Ti-Phonse Reel D
Stone's Throw, A Polka D YouTube MP3
Stoney Steps Reel D
Stride, The Reel C YouTube MP3
Swallow, The Reel Ador
Tailor's Twist Hornpipe D
Teribus Polka D
They Stole My Wife From Me Last Night Strathspey Amin
Tie the Bonnet Reel Edor
Tom Doherty's Reel C
Top o' the Grampians, The Strathspey A
Walsh's Hornpipe Hornpipe A
Warlock, The Strathspey G
Water Under The Keel Jig D
When the Cock Crows It Is Day Jig G
Whiskey in the Jar Song C
Whistling Postman, The (or The Kerry) Jig D
Wild Irishman, The Reel D
Ye Jacobites By Name Song Am
You Carefree Young Lads Jig D YouTube MP3

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